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SecurityEscape™ is fastest growing information security consultancy focused on providing high-end application security assessments for enterprises looking for end-to-end security solutions. SecurityEscape provides cutting-edge application security solutions by its next-generation auditing module powered by our sophisticated cloud scanning technology combined with expert driven manual testing focused to target, analyze and eliminate ever-growing market of security threats, risks and vulnerabilities.

Our services are primarily focused to enhance traditional approach towards enterprise security by fusing powerful cloud based vulnerability detection mechanism with expertised manual testing to deliver results that don’t just make a difference but exceeds the limitation of a security audit that traditional companies provide. Our scalable subscription based operating model and our free demo policy allows any company to take the privilege of our services.

In an online business, if you control the code, you control the world

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With hundreds of organisations, millions of users, billions of bytes of data being secured every year, SecurityEscape have been successful in pioneering next-level of security auditing and implementation.

We continue to transform the information security industry and customer experience with our army of security experts, having more than a decade of industry experience.

120+ Companies from 20 Nations Trust Us With Their Security
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