15 Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone

Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone
Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone

This article is about the top 15 apps to watch Anime totally free. Some of the apps mentioned in this article are even ad-free too. Follow the list of 15 Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone.

A few of these apps also offer free online movies and TV shows.

If you’ll read the full article you will find the app of your choice. Without any further delay let’s check out the list.

Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone

  • Wakanim

If you are just starting with anime then this app is for you. It has a very simple user interface that lets you watch any anime for free. You can even read anime descriptions to decide if you really want to watch that anime or not. It is a great choice if you want a full-fledged app just for your anime needs. It’s ideal for iPhone and Android users as you don’t need to run a third-party website for anime download. You can watch everything In one place in this app.

  • ConTv

ConTV is a pretty good alternative where you can not only find anime but also many comics for you to watch. Its catalog is extremely large with all sorts of genres of animes and it is also one of the best movie downloading apps you can ever find. It definitely is one of the best apps to watch anime using its highly simple interface. It is free to use but also has a premium version where you can not only use Chromecast but also remove ads and even unlock a lot of extra content.

  • Hulu

And now, we have Hulu an unmatchable alternative among the best apps to watch anime. It lets you access a lot of content other than those made in Japan and it is by far one of the strongest competitors to Netflix. You can watch it for free although you have to deal with ads or you can choose to pay for a subscription to remove them. If you can use it because it is restricted to many areas of the world download it right now on Android or iOS.

  • Nine Animator

Nine Animator is an elegant interface anime streaming app with lots of features that you probably should not miss. This app is not available on Google Play Store but you can easily download it from the internet. It synchronizes with many different websites to show your favorite anime plus it makes your own watch list and keeps track of your shows. This also has download features for users who want to download anime into their mobile phones. With so many amazing features can you really ignore such a feasible app?

  • Anime X Stream

Anime X Stream is a regular anime streaming app but does everything better. You don’t require an individual media player and can find all the episodes without much effort. It has a good catalog of Anime titles plus every anime comes with a description which makes it easier for you to decide which one to watch. This app finds anime series easily through the search function and even makes it easier with tags. It lets you filter out according to your favorite genres. So what do you need more than this app to watch anime for free without any interference?

  • It’s Playing

Unlike all the other apps to watch anime so far its playing is not a streaming platform. It is a video player made specifically for iPad owners who feel Limited because of the native video player only being able to play MP4 videos which have become very uncommon. Its playing works with a lot of other formats such as AVI MKV and MOV so it is a great alternative if you want to watch anime offline.


Another incredible option for you to watch all of your favorite anime shows is HIDIVE. It might not have the biggest amount of options from which you can choose to watch anime but since there are so many anime movies and shows this is always the case because you can find some anime on one platform while the ones which you can find on a particular platform you will find it on another one. On the front page of this app, you will quickly see all the series and movies that trending as well as be able to use the search bar at the top. Its biggest downside is that its interface is limited and not exactly easy to use but if you want to download it go to the Play Store.

  • AnimeFox

AnimeFox is available on the Google Play Store that provides some quality features along with a great catalog of Anime there are not many complications when we were in the series it’s one of the easiest apps to use and search for anime. It has a good user interface which gives you a wonderful experience and if you are looking for some free anime streaming app then you might as well try this one.

  • AniStream

AniStream is another powerful app that lets you stream all of your favorite anime shows. This app provides you with high-quality content. AniStream is a very popular anime streaming app that contains almost all types of animation new episodes are updated after 1 hour they get publicly available on their content in Japan. The best part is that there is no advertisement so that you can take a great experience of all the shows without any interruption.

  • AniMega AnimeTV

This app is another good option for all Anime lovers. This app allows you to stream all the popular anime videos of various categories and watch anime music and Fan-made videos too. It comes with a straightforward user interface in addition to some of the greatest features like Creating your own playlist of favorite playlist and anime list.

  • Anime TV

This is an app that lets you feel like you’re watching. Anime TV is broadcast 24 by 7 just like television channels. you can search for anyone you want when you can watch any anime at your specific time. It includes some really cool features and offers over 50 genres.  It could be the app you might be looking for for a long time.

  • Viewster

This is a completely free app that is specialized in fandom TV. It allows you to watch anime videos, science fiction, documentaries, and giving extra it does not ask you for signup too. So you can just download this app and start watching your favorite shows which it is very good at niche picking and providing you with HD anime.

  • Crunchyroll

Who wouldn’t know about Crunchyroll man? It is one of the highly popular anime streaming apps out there. Although you need a premium membership to get an ad-free experience you can watch all the Anime for totally free. Crunchyroll subscription is not that expensive and it is very affordable. If you want to just support the creators it has great management and updates on point.

  • Kitsu

Kitsu is a popular app to watch all of your favorite anime movies and series. Here you can search for new anime by their genres. This platform is very well known for its minimalistic design. If you like any series you can also add it to your favorites list moreover it details episodes like release date cover photo descriptions etc.

  • AnimeLab

This app is another great source for watching all the popular anime shows. It is not ad-free but it is very less as compared to other apps on this list. New episodes are updated every week and show episodes directly from Japan. This is the app that you are searching for for a long time and this is the app that you need to enjoy your anime time without any interruptions with so many different features you can just ask for more from this app.

Final Remarks on Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone

So now you can enjoy your time watching your favorite anime. Most of the apps on this list are for both IOS and Android only a few are available on either of one of the systems so it doesn’t matter what you have iOS or Android.

This is the list of Best Apps to Watch Anime Online for Free on Android and iPhone. Try these apps and comment your experience below.

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