Build Secure Products for Your Clients

A corporate dashboard specially designed for Agencies to integrate the secure development process on clients’ projects and ship apps ready for product compliance & policies.

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The self-managed plan provides an automatic solution, empowering you to scan apps and follow a checklist for each app to configure & design a secure architecture from scratch.

Security Scanner

Our security scanner is uniquely designed to scan and handle a huge number of applications (Android, iOS, and Web) for agencies, ensuring all pushed codes are secure and up to the mark.

Best Practices Checklist

Each time a new app is loaded onto the dashboard, a best practice check-list is generated to minimize the amount of work required to test and fix.

Better Team Communication

A well-configured platform to facilitate better communication in a large team, allows seamless handling of issues with proper collaboration and integration of 3rd party apps.

On Demand Support

We don’t believe in leaving our clients to their own devices. Get on-demand support for any particular vulnerability or issue within the dashboard.

  • Comprehensible Report

    A well-furnished report which is easily understood by developers, indicating all sources of vulnerabilities with specific and detailed steps to fix them effectively.

  • Smart Mail Integration

    Integrate your mail-system with the dashboard to receive auto-generated tickets when anybody sends or forwards an e-mail to or, and assign members to work on them.

  • Standard and compliance ready

    Precise utilization of our scanner and check-list brings the application to the point where it’s ready for global security standard and compliance checks.

  • Custom Address

    A sleek innovation connecting your dashboard to your own subdomain. For example, define and incorporate customized preferences and design to produce the same “feel” as your own platform.

  • Unlimited Apps & Scans
  • User Roles & Controls
  • Compliant Ready
  • Import Data Plugin
  • Export in PDF/Excel
  • Detailed Analytics
  • One Login Ready
  • Dedicated Cloud Setup