Back 4 Blood Nintendo Switch (Is it Good or Bad)

Back 4 Blood Nintendo Switch
Back 4 Blood Nintendo Switch

We are talking about Back 4 Blood which is the successor of Left 4 Dead a previous version of it. The question here for Back 4 Blood in Nintendo Switch.

Left 4 Dead is an amazing game in my opinion. But nevertheless left 4 dead is a game that I personally really love. I play it when I was a kid which is kind of scary thought shows how my mental state is.

why it’s a little wonky but regardless like left for dead has just grown on me and I love it the music is great just everything about the game is great so the original developers for left 4 dead it’s a studio called Turtle Rock Studios and you know they did an amazing job with left 4 dead but they eventually split from the valve.

So now they’re kind of doing their own thing so recently they announced a game called Back 4 Blood which is obviously going to be a spiritual successor to left 4 dead.

So in this article, I’m gonna be talking a little bit about Back 4 Blood. Talking a little bit about what I think it should be and if it should come to the switch let’s get into the article.

Back 4 Blood Nintendo Switch

So the main question at that point would be when it comes to the Nintendo switch the game is confirmed for PC Xbox one and ps4 so at that point most people like it’s not coming to switch but they did say that they are open to other consoles and other ideas so that

means they are potentially open to developing for the Nintendo switch and I think the switch it’s interesting the third-party games either do really well or not really well at all and I look in the sense of back 4 blood and I’m really thinking does the switch have any online co-op horror survival games and I actually can’t think of one.

As I said doesn’t really have any left-for-dead-style games maybe there are some a shop games that resemble left 4 dead but there’s no actual like triple-a, left 4 dead like experience and I think you could do really well on the switch.

Back 4 Blood the Successor of Left 4 Dead

So firstly let me explain kind of what I think Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor from left for dead. It’s styled like left for Dead but it’s not exactly like Left for Dead.

So there are differences obviously it’s a spiritual successor you can’t kind of copy and pastes left for dead. I really wanted that game to be amazing and I like the game.

Final Remarks on Back 4 Blood Nintendo Switch

People maybe have some cross-platform play in there that would be really cool to play cross-platform with Xbox Play station and PC players playing back 4 Blood.

Fighting together across all different kinds of gaming hardware where you get to play with anyone from any console online just overall having a really fun experience and I think it could just work really well and I know it’s a lot more work than when it comes to developing for the Nintendo switch because the switch has different hardware and specs need to develop for a cartridge.

Cartridge costs and all that so it’s all very different for Nintendo switch when it comes to that because you significantly have to downgrade power but back for blood it just could really work.