Best free VPN to Play Mobile Legends (2022)

best free vpn to play mobile legends
Free VPN to Play Mobile Legends

The free VPN services are not 100% secure that’s why we never recommend using a completely free VPN service. But if you are not able to subscribe to a paid VPN service, try this best free VPN to play Mobile Legends.

After using multiple free VPN services we found the best one for online gaming. Playing online gaming on free VPNs is not too risky.

Best Free VPN for Mobile Legends

iTop VPN service is the best free VPN service to play mobile legends. Itop VPN offers both free as well as paid VPN services.

It is available for the platforms Android and iOS and offers 256-bit data security.

You can subscribe free or paid according to your capability. It is always a better choice to have a paid VPN service like (Express VPN, Nord VPN, SurfShark VPN).

But in the case of Gaming, it is not a hard and fast rule.

You need to download the app from the play store and signup.

Download iTop Free VPN Here

iTop VPN to Play Mobile Legends

iTop VPN offers direct links to access popular games like

You just need to click the gaming server option and a list of these games will open.

No additional configuration is required just click the game and select the server location to start playing.

The interface of the iTop VPN app is extremely simple and user-friendly.

The best part of this VPN service is the consistency of the network speed which is very rare in free VPN services.

Download iTop Free VPN Here

Cons of Using iTop Free VPN for Mobile Legends

The major earning source of free VPN services is an advertisement. You may face a little interruption due to ads.

Because you are using a free plan so you can’t remain completely anonymous.

And also no VPN service provider can guarantee not sharing your data with third-party ad providers.

You can subscribe to a paid plan for better security and avoid ads.


We never recommend the Free VPN services to share sensitive and confidential data but you can use them for online gaming purposes.

iTop offers a user-friendly interface and consistency to play online games that’s why we recommend this best free VPN to Play Mobile Legends.

Download the iTop VPN here for free and play your favorite games.