3 Best Hosting for Ezoic (Easy and Smooth Integration without Error)

The Best Hosting for Ezoic
The Best Hosting for Ezoic

The major problem that Ezoic users face is hosting non-compatibility with Ezoic platform after cloud integration. Most hosting providers do not guarantee to provide fully synchronized hosting with Ezoic. I also faced this issue when started using Ezoic after approval. In this article, I have mentioned all the issues that I faced after integrating my website with Ezoic and The Best Hosting for Ezoic which I found after trying multiple hosting services.

Ezoic also recommends some hosting services for the best results but I have noticed that not all of them are equally compatible with Ezoic.

If you are facing the same issue after integration as I have mentioned below, You can simply copy my strategy to resolve the issues.

Let’s dive in

Why I started searching for the best Hosting for Ezoic?

When I got approval to show ads on my website, I was completely unaware of some critical issues occurring due to the non-compatibility of hosting with Ezoic Platform.

I encountered some major issues mentioned below and started searching for the best hosting provider for Ezoic which can synchronize with it.

The best hosting for Ezoic as per my experience is A2 Hosting but this is not the only hosting you can use to resolve your website issues after integrating with Ezoic. You can also use some other options which I have mentioned below. Let’s first discuss the issues.

Before we move on, if you want to find a2hosting alternative, check out the SiteGround reviews and try it on your own.

The major problems were

The Homepage was not updating

I was continuously publishing the articles but none of them were visible on my website homepage. It was really frustrating for me to tackle this issue.

I was using Namecheap hosting so I contacted them to resolve this issue. They couldn’t help because the issue was related to IP whitelisting and Ezoic was responsible for this issue.

Ezoic uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) and the IPs of AWS sometimes get blacklisted by security bots installed at the hosting provider’s end.

The security bots also block a major chunk of traffic to access the website that’s why traffic drops exponentially.

I tried to refresh the homepage by clearing the cache from Ezoic and Cloudflare but it didn’t work because of non-compatibility.

To avoid these issues you should opt for Ezoic technology partner hosting services which are mentioned below.

Origin Error

Origin Error is also a major issue faced by website visitors while accessing the website.

This error also occurs due to IP blacklisting by hosting security bots. Some hosting providers are the technology partners of Ezoic, they especially care for these issues.

They also provide required support to their customers.

Too many redirections

Too many redirections is also a very common problem faced by website owners.

If your website is integrated with Ezoic and the SSL certificate provided by your hosting is not properly installed, you may face this issue.

To resolve this issue you should opt for recommended hosting services below.

Follow these steps to resolve the “Too many redirections” issue

  • Opt for the Recommended hosting provider
  • Ensure that “SSL certificate” is properly installed by the hosting provider
  • Login to the Cloudflare account
  • Set SSL setting to “Full”
  • Login to your Ezoic Account
  • Set SSL setting to “Full”
  • And set the SSL setting to “Always redirect to HTTPS”

Slow Website speed

You may also experience a Slow Website Speed after integrating your website with Ezoic.

You may lose the Core Web Vital score due to slow website speed. The core web vital is an important ranking factor according to Google.

If your hosting is not compatible with this platform then you must opt for the recommended hosting providers.

The low Core web vital score may negatively impact your traffic.

Highly Recommended Hosting to avoid these issues

This is a personal experience that you can simply avoid all the issues mentioned above just by switching to Ezoic technology partner hosting providers.

I have tried all of them but A2 hosting delivered the best result among them.

A2 Hosting

If you are a beginner and the traffic of your website is below 100k, you can subscribe to the “Turbo Boost Plan” and if the traffic is above 100k then subscribe to the “Managed VPS” Plan.

A2 Hosting Plans
A2 Hosting Plans

Free Ezoic WordPress Hosting

Ezoic also offers free basic WordPress Hosting for the websites approved for monetization.

The only problem with this WordPress hosting is, You will not get any Cpanel which seems uncomfortable for beginners.

You will also have less control over your website as compared to other paid hostings.

Ezoic Free Basic WordPress Hosting
Ezoic Free Basic WordPress Hosting

Blue Host

The best and most affordable “managed VPS hosting” of Bluehost is the best option for Ezoic users. It is very compatible with it and can also handle any amount of traffic.

Bluehost Hosting Plans
Bluehost Hosting Plans

My Website Stats with A2 Hosting

For a better understanding of the performance level of A2 hosting, you should take a look at some stats of my website.

GT Metrix and Core Web Vital Score are the commonly used factors to determine the speed of the website.

That’s why I have mentioned the screenshot below.

GT Metrix Stats

GT Metrix Performance Report after using A2 Hosting
GT Metrix Stats

Core Web Vital Stats

Ezoic Core web Vital Score
Ezoic Core web Vital Score

 Final Words about “The Best Hosting for Ezoic

 The Artificial Intelligence of Ezoic platform takes 4 to 12 weeks to properly optimize any website.

I highly recommend A2 Hosting for quick and best results. The compatible hosting is the all-in-one solution to all the issues mentioned above.

It is just a misconception that Ezoic slows down the websites but in my opinion, you should allow the required time for Artificial Intelligence to properly optimize your website.

After using multiple hosting services I can confidently say that A2 Hosting is the Best Hosting for Ezoic.