Best VPN to Change Server in Free Fire in 2022

Best VPN to Change Server in Free Fire Game
Best VPN to Change Server in Free Fire Game

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. This article has suggested the most affordable, cheap, and best VPN change server in Free Fire.

Sometimes gaming requires multiple server switching and VPN service should be very flexible to fulfill this requirement. The VPNs mentioned below are well known and most preferred for Online Gaming, Movie Streaming, and downloading.

I also have used these VPNs extensively for online Gaming and Watching Movies. These VPNs are specialized in unblocking the newly released and banned games and movies.

You can access all Games and Movies which are not accessible in your country. Let’s discuss the features.

Short Summary

The short summary of the best VPN to change server in the free fire in bullet points.

The best VPN for online games are Cyberghost and Surfshark considering the factors like unblocking Capability, Speed, Stability, server switching, flexibility, and price.

The most preferred one is Cyberghost VPN.

Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost is one of the top but cheap and affordable VPN services. It offers the impressive unblocking capability which is very useful in online Gaming, watching movies, and accessing banned content. You can easily unblock the Free Fire Game with just a few clicks.

Online Gaming

Cyberghost can unblock and access almost any game, movie, and TV show due to its powerful unblocking feature. It can easily unblock and access Free Fire Game without any interruption.

This VPN service also suggests the most optimized server for the Free Fire game. You can choose any server from the optimized server list.

To avoid any interruption in online streaming and Gaming, Cyberghost offers multiple well-optimized servers list to choose from.

Server Switching

Cyberghost offers the highest flexibility of server switching having over 7100 servers in 89 countries all over the world.

The larger network of servers helps to switch virtual locations as per requirement. Switching virtual locations is one of the key features of VPN services.

You can access Free Fire successfully with the peace of your mind using Cyberghost.

Optimized Servers

The optimized server suggestion is one of the key features of the Cyberghost VPN. It helps to access your favorite Games, Movies, and TV shows without hassle.

You’ll be able to access the Free Fire, Pubg, and other top games through well-optimized servers.

Online Movies Streaming

Cyberghost offers the most optimized servers to stream and watch movies online. It is the best choice for watching and streaming online shows and movies.


The only VPN server that offers well-optimized servers to download Movies and TV shows without any interruption.

Cyberghost offers the capability to download any movie and TV show which are not even available in your country.


Cyberghost offers an Ad-blocker feature but it is not much effective as compared to Surfshark.


Cyberghost offers 7 devices to be used from a single account and it supports almost every platform like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


The pricing factor is a crucial point. The pricing of Cyberghost VPN is the lowest in the industry in the top-rated VPN category.

Due to multiple favorable factors, Cyberghost is considered the best VPN to change server in the free fire.

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Free-Trial and Money-Back Guarantee

Cyberghost offers a 1-day free trial for desktop and a 7-day free trial for Mobile. The best part is it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the service just ask for money-back within 45-days and you’ll get a full refund.

SurfShark VPN

Because you are searching for the best VPN to change the server in the Free Fire game, The Surfshark lacks some features as compared to Cyberghost.

Let’s check the features and benefits.

Online Gaming

The focus of this article is online gaming and Surfshark has clearly fewer features than Cyberghost in this particular aspect.

The ease of playing online games is completely dependent on the size of the server, the speed, and the stability of the VPN service.

Even though Surfshark offers a smaller server network but it covers the major server locations.

Surfshark is also a good choice to play the Free fire game.

Online Streaming

Surfshark is also a good choice to stream and watches movies and TV shows due to its consistent VPN speed.

The unblocking capability is good but not like Cyberghost.


Surfshark offers torrenting services but it is not so efficient as Cyberghost. The VPN Speed and consistency factor provide an edge to the Surfshark.

You can download movies and TV shows at a higher speed than Cyberghost.

Server Switching

The Surfshark Offers a network of 3200 servers in over 65 countries all over the world covering all the major locations.

The speed and server quality of Surfshark VPN is better than Cyberghost that’s why it offers a powerful server switching feature.

You can play Free Fire without interruption because it offers a sufficient server switching capability to change your virtual location.


The Surfshark’s Ad-blocking feature is very effective and it enhances your gaming experience by removing ads.


Surfshark offers unlimited devices to be used from a single account. It also supports all the platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


The price of Surfshark VPN plans is a little bit higher than Cyberghost but lower in the Industry.

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Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial of 7-days for all kinds of devices.

The money-back process is very smooth and hassle-free.


Both the VPN services offer good features and customer friendly interface but you should choose the one on the basis of your requirements.

Surfshark is much reliable than Cyberghost but other features are in the favor of Cyberghost.

If you want to play Free Fire Game without any interruption the key features to be taken into consideration are the unblocking capability, Speed, Consistency, server Switching Flexibility, and Price.

You can clearly see that Cyberghost has an edge over Surfshark in the aspect of Online gaming, streaming, watching, and torrenting movies and TV shows.