Is Bluehost a good choice for Small businesses ( Review 2022)

Is Bluehost good for small businesses
Is Bluehost good for small businesses

Is Bluehost good for small businesses?”

Well, you should decide it by yourself after reading this article. It is an in-depth analysis of Bluehost hosting. You can also name it Bluehost Review 2022.

This article is the result of our own experience and a ton of data gathered from different sources.

I have done so much hard work because I understand the pain of starting and running a small business/ startup successfully.

Web hosting plays a pivotal role in the success of any online business. Let’s see whether Bluehost good for small businesses or not?

Is Bluehost good for small businesses?

You can’t migrate your online business every month from one hosting to another.

It is important to choose the best web hosting for small businesses considering all the crucial points which can affect your business growth.

It took me almost 6 months to find a good web hosting for my small business.

In this duration, I couldn’t concentrate on my work and wasted a lot of money and time.

“Is Bluehost good for small Businesses?”

I’ll not answer this question but will tell you the features which make web hosting good for small businesses.

  • Lowest Downtime (Maximum Uptime)
  • Credible Security
  • Must Pass Core Web Vital Score (High-Speed Page Loading)
  • Minimal Response time of Support Team
  • Availability of Cloud Solution
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Easy Migration

No web hosting is perfect and can fulfill all these requirements with 100% precision but we are talking about the best one among them.

An easily accessible and smooth-running web page is considered to be a credible source for both Google and the user as well.

Bluehost Hosting Plans for Small Businesses

Bluehost also offers a variety of hosting plans in different categories for Small businesses.

The business owners can pick one as per their requirements or they can also get suggestions from experts appointed by Bluehost.

Bluehost offers shared hosting plans, VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans, and Dedicated hosting plans.

It is a wise decision to pick the Shared hosting plan for Small Business Startups.

After that, you can upgrade to VPS hosting and dedicated hosting as per your business needs.

Bluehost’s shared hosting and VPS hosting plans are very popular in the hosting domain because of their high-quality service and affordable pricing.

Shared hosting plans for small businesses

Bluehost offers shared hosting plans for small businesses and startups.

Shared hosting is a category of hosting in which multiple websites use the same storage space as per their need.

Choosing a shared hosting plan for small businesses during their initial stage is a good idea because it is highly affordable and fulfills all the requirements of the business.

Bluehost has modified its servers and upgraded its services over time to set milestone in the hosting industry.

Let’s discuss the required features in detail.

Start Your Business at Just $5.45/ $13.95

Bluehost offers the most affordable shared hosting plans for small business startups at just $5.45/ Month (Choice Plus for 12 months) and $13.95/ Month (Pro Plan for 12 months).

Bluehost shared hosting plans for small businesses
Bluehost shared hosting plans for small businesses

These plans include all the services which you require to run your small business.

I have not included the basic Plan because it is not suitable for small business startups.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Bluehost hosting


  • High Core web Vital Score (High Page Loading Speed)
  • Lowest Downtime
  • Credible Security Features
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • Beginner Friendly Interface
  • Affordable
  • Smooth Migration


  • Poor Response time of Support Team
  • Charges Migration Fees
  • Uptime is not mentioned on the website

Cloud/ VPS hosting for Growing Small Businesses

Bluehost offers high-end and most affordable managed VPS hosting/ Cloud hosting for growing small businesses.

VPS hosting provides more control over the customization and security of online businesses.

If you want to manage increasing services and growing customer base effectively then you should switch to managed VPS hosting.

Manage your growing Business at just $29.99/ $59.99

Bluehost offers high-end managed VPS hosting for growing small businesses at just $29.99/ Month (Enhanced Plan for 36 months) and $59.99/ Month (Ultimate Plan for 36 months).

Bluehost VPS hosting plans for small businesses
Bluehost VPS hosting plans for small businesses

These plans are highly suitable for high-traffic businesses and bulky websites.

WordPress Hosting for Small Business startups

It is one of the best Cloud hosting solutions for growing small businesses.

But if you are not familiar with coding stuff, I will never recommend opt-in WordPress hosting.

Hosting companies offer minimal support for WordPress hosting and You will have to manage everything by yourself from scratch.

You still have an option to hire someone to manage your business hosted on WordPress hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting Plans for Small Businesses

You can run your growing business on WordPress hosting by subscribing to the most suitable plans of $5.45/ Month (Choice Plus Plan for 12 months) and $13.95/ Month (Pro Plan for 12 months)

Bluehost WordPress hosting plans for small businesses
Bluehost WordPress hosting plans for small businesses

Adjust Hosting as per Business Requirements

You are not bound to follow the given VPS/ WordPress hosting plans only.

You can adjust these plans as per your business requirements. The Bluehost offers the highest flexibility for small business startups and bloggers.

Common Features of all the Recommended Bluehost Plans

  • You can host unlimited websites on 40 GB SSD Storage.
  • Install custom themes and free SSL Certificates on your Business website.
  • Enjoy a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that accelerates your website speed and Free Domain for 1 year.
  • Free Automated Backup and 24/7 Customer Support.

These are the major common features that Bluehost offers with each recommended plan.

They provide numerous other features which you can find by visiting the website.

Get Your Refund if not Satisfied (Money-back Guarantee)

Use the Bluehost hosting for 30 days and get your refund if not satisfied, nothing to lose.

You just need to claim your refund within 30 days.

It shows the confidence of Bluehost in its services.

Here is the punch point

You can get a refund at any point in time even after 30 days period.

Is it interesting?

You can get your refund of the subscription fee anytime, they will just deduct the amount for which you have used the service.

Start or migrate your business to Bluehost and get your refund at the point of time.

Just try this out

Core Web vital score/ Page loading Speed

This is one of the most important features of web hosting that most web-hosting providers fail to deliver.

The core web vital score is an extremely important metric that Google includes and gives preference in its ranking factor.

The Bluehost provides consistent and unbeatable page loading speed to all types of websites.

Good Core web vitals score
Good Core web vitals score

It remains consistent because of its high quality and huge network of servers.

So it is the best choice for small business startups because of the consistency of high page loading speed.

Credible Security Feature

Security assurance is a crucial factor for small businesses to avoid cyber-attacks and hacking.

Bluehost offers security assurance to online business startups. You can also activate multilayer security features to foolproof your security objectives.

Availability of Cloud Solution

Small businesses require more space and resources as their content and user base grow with time.

Bluehost offers high-quality shared hosting and Cloud hosting as per the business requirements.

Bluehost’s Cloud hosting/ VPS hosting is the most affordable high-end hosting service as compared to other hosting providers.

The managed VPS hosting of Bluehost is a very popular and affordable ($29.99/ Month) Cloud hosting solution for growing businesses out there.

That’s why I recommend Bluehost hosting for small business startups.

Easy to use Interface (Perfect for Business Startups)

If you are just a beginner to WordPress and hostings then Bluehost is the perfect place to start from.

Because the Interface is beginner-friendly and extremely easy to use.

You can easily learn and apply the changes to the Cpanel dashboard.

Downtime/ Uptime

The uptime of Bluehost hosting as per my experience is above 99% which is quite impressive.

Even though they don’t claim or mention anything about uptime in their features list, the uptime is very high if I compare it with other competitors.

Not even mentioning uptime on their website is a bit shocking and also affects their credibility.

I personally consider this as one of the cons of their hosting service.

Response time of Support Team

The response time of Bluehost’s support team is really annoying sometimes which is the major downside of this hosting service.

The team of highly skilled professionals can resolve the queries within minutes but the response time is what I never get convinced from.

You may need to wait to get connected with a professional and then only your query will get resolved.

I think Bluehost must work in this field.

Easy Migration

If you already have business hosted with a different hosting provider, You just need to provide your Cpanel details to migration specialists of Bluehost.

They will take care of rest of the work.

Bluehost charges a migration fee which is another downside of this hosting provider.

Recommended by WordPress

WordPress itself recommends using Bluehost since 2005 because of the compatibility of technology.

Bluehost recommended by WordPress
Bluehost recommended by WordPress

This recommendation means a lot.

It shows the credibility and ease of integration of Bluehost with WordPress.

The migration of online business is much easier for Bluehost if it is using WordPress.

Is Bluehost fast enough for small businesses?

As we have discussed earlier that Bluehost offers a large network of high-quality servers and the memory type used is SSD storage.

It is designed to provide the fastest speed and can easily pass Core Web Vitals with a decent score.

The Core Web Vitals is a matric used by Google to precisely measure the speed of a particular web page.

It is the most reliable matric because it comes directly from google.

That’s why I also recommend checking the core web vital score before subscribing to any hosting plan.

The Bluehost’s strong and reliable network of servers easily passes this matric with a considerable score.

Which Bluehost plan is best for small businesses

The best Bluehost subscription plans for small businesses are Choice Plus and Pro Plans of Shared Hosting.

Please keep in mind these plans are suitable if you have just started your business.

Once you have a significant customer base then you must switch to VPS hosting offered by Bluehost.

The Virtual Private Hosting (VPS) offered by Bluehost is very affordable and the most suitable hosting plan for small businesses as compared to other hosting providers.

If you have a giant base of subscribers and your business offers multiple software services and downloads then dedicated hosting is the most suitable option.

It can handle unlimited traffic without any glitches.

Is Bluehost good for blogging

The Bluehost hosting is extremely popular among bloggers because of its high-end service and very affordable pricing.

As we all know that blogging takes time to generate results that’s why choosing a good hosting plan is a crucial step.

The Bluehost easily passes the core web vital score because of a huge network of high-quality servers.

The easy-to-use interface and good security features attract bloggers to migrate their blogs to Bluehost.

Almost 2.5 Million websites are now using Bluehost service which is a considerable number.

Now you can decide by yourself whether “Bluehost good for blogging” or not.

Is Bluehost good for beginners?

Most of the beginners entering into blogging industry don’t even have basic knowledge of choosing the best web hosting and service and starting a blog from scratch.

Due to lack of knowledge, they pick the cheap and worthless hosting services which ultimately lead to the failure of the blog.

They waste their money, time, and efforts just because of a lack of proper guidance.

My simple suggestion to beginners is just following Google’s requirements and you will find the right hosting plan.

Google requires

  • A high Core web vital score means a high page loading speed
  • The website must have HTTPS (SSL Certificate)
  • Lowest Downtime (highest uptime)

You should consider some other factors also

  • Lowest Response time of the Support team
  • Easy Migration
  • Beginner-friendly Interface
  • Affordable

Now you have a proper understanding to decide “Is Bluehost good for Beginners” or not.

You can also read the whole article for better insight.

Does Bluehost charge monthly?

No, Bluehost does not offer any monthly subscription plan. The 1-year subscription plan is the smallest plan available on Bluehost.

The 3-year subscription plan is considered to be the most beneficial and cost-effective plan of Bluehost.

The best alternative to Bluehost with a monthly subscription plan is A2 Hosting. You can try this ultra-premium hosting service.

Is Bluehost still the best

Bluehost is the first recommendation by WordPress since 2005 and it has upgraded and updated its services as per its customer’s needs.

Maintaining a large network of high-quality servers all over the world is not an easy task but they have done it very precisely.

If you compare the service of Bluehost with Its pricing, You will find, It is the most affordable hosting service out there.

With a good core web vital score, best security features, unbeatable cloud solution, and easy-to-use interface, It become the most credible hosting provider for bloggers and small business startups.

Who should use Bluehost

If you are a beginner, an established blogger, or a small business startup and want better speed, multi-layered security, and exclusive high-end servers to host your website then Bluehost should be your first choice.

For blogging beginners, the Basic or Plus plan is more than enough but for established bloggers, Choice Plus is the most suitable option.

For small business Startups, it is recommended to subscribe to Choice Plus during the initial stages.

Does Bluehost basic include email

Yes, Bluehost’s basic plan also offers email marketing tools and email storage.

So, Bluehost’s basic plan might be a fair choice for bloggers only. As per our recommendation, it is not a good choice for small businesses.

What is the difference between Wix and Bluehost

Wix is a popular drag-and-drop-based website builder and content management system which is written in HTML. It also offers hosting space which is included in the package just like WordPress.

While Bluehost is basically, a popular hosting provider which offers hosting space for content to be stored and accessed.

Does Bluehost have a website builder?

Yes, Bluehost also offers a complete bundle of the website builder. This website builder is extremely beneficial for small businesses.

It is a complete package of Hosting, themes, plugins, and other required services for your business.

You just need to subscribe to one of their plans and provide some details about your business.

Their team of professionals will take care of the rest.

How much does Bluehost charge to build your website

The Bluehost website builder is really the best choice for small businesses.

Bluehost Website builder plans
Bluehost Website builder plans

If you think that building a business website from scratch is not your cup of tea then I highly recommend opt-in Bluehost Website Builder.

The professionals of the Bluehost team will create a Professional, Responsive, good-looking, and SEO-friendly website as per your business requirements.

You just need to provide some details about your business and they will do the rest of the work.

Once you are done with your part just get ready to receive a fully functional business website within hours.

Does Bluehost offer a free domain?

Yes, Bluehost offers a free domain with almost every plan of Shared hosting, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

You can easily register your free domain name (If it is available) in the step-by-step process of subscribing Bluehost hosting plan.

I always recommend finalizing your domain name and keeping at least 5 names before subscribing to a hosting plan.

It is a lot easier to register and connect your domain name with hosting in the step-by-step process than doing it later.

Does Bluehost have free themes?

Well, if you are looking for free themes then Yes, Bluehost is also compatible with all the free themes offered by WordPress itself.

Bluehost doesn’t offer any free theme itself but you can use them for free through the WordPress themes store.

You can choose a free version of any Premium, lightweight, fast-speed theme at no cost.

How many emails does Bluehost allow?

Bluehost allows unlimited space for your small business email. It is up to you whether you want to create multiple virtual storage spaces for emails or not.

So Bluehost’s email hosting tool is really helpful for small businesses where you get unlimited space to store your emails.

How secure is Bluehost

Online security is also a major challenge for small businesses. The hackers and spammers always target small growing businesses.

It happens because small businesses pay less attention to the security of their digital assets.

Bluehost also offers a complete security solution and support to small businesses.

Final Remarks

Picking the best hosting for small business startups is not easy at all. I have just tried to make your work easy.

If you already have facts and personal experiences then it makes the analysis a lot easier.

I still have not answered your question “Is Bluehost good for Small businesses or not?”

But in my opinion, this review article will help you find your answer.

I request you to read the whole article and write your thoughts in the comment section.

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