Can you get Caught while Pirating with a VPN?

Can you get caught while pirating with a VPN
Can you get caught while pirating with a VPN

Who doesn’t love to download music, videos, movies, games, and software, but sometimes we can’t, because they are either paid or have copyright labels on them So, what do we do? We end up accessing some of the famous torrenting websites and then downloading them. But did you know, torrenting anything is an infringement of copyright? Yes, it is, and that is why most people use a VPN to keep their identity private while torrenting. Although, it raises a concern “Can you get caught while pirating with a VPN?”

Can you get jailed for pirating from torrent websites? 

Well, let’s find out!

But, first, let us understand what is torrenting.

What is Torrenting?

Have you come across some sites with the names like Piratebay, Kickass unblock, or 1377x? If yes, then these sites are known as torrenting websites that work on P2P protocol, that processes requests with the total number of computers connected at that time. It is a decentralized protocol and does not require any central server.

Thus, making it an easy platform to share files that are usually pirated and free. For example; if you want to download a pirated cracked version of adobe photoshop, you can easily download it through these websites. You just have to access them, search for the appropriate version, and click on the magnet link. Your search query will be fulfilled by a P2P client, not by a centralized server, so anyone who is having that appropriate file on their computer will automatically share it with you.

Thus, most people tend to use these kinds of torrenting websites to download their favorite media or software files.

Is it Legal or Illegal to torrent files?

A short and sweet answer to this is, it is illegal to torrent anything because torrenting falls against the law of cyber cells. So, if you ever download a torrent file in a country like the USA, you can get arrested and copyright holders can claim for reimbursement up to $150,000 per file.

So, if you are living in countries where torrenting is banned/illegal, better don’t access them without a VPN connection.

But what is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that encrypts your traffic before sending it to the destination source so that your ISP nor any government entity can spy upon you.

It hides your real IP address as well as location, by routing your internet traffic to their server, helping you to successfully gain full online anonymity. 

Not just that, a good VPN can help you get through the shackles of geo-restrictions that are usually imposed by streaming services and governments. Even some of the VPN services allow 100% torrenting.

Therefore, getting a good premium VPN service will be the best bet for you.

Can you get Caught while Pirating with a VPN?

Yes, certainly you can get caught while pirating with a VPN unless you are using a good premium VPN that supports the following features:

  • No log policy:

Yes, a VPN service with no log policy is very essential if you are torrenting. A no-log policy makes sure that not a single piece of data is logged on their server, which can cause you trouble. These logs contain information about your online activity.

  • Kill-Switch:

Kill switch feature is something that should be preferred if you are torrenting. A kill switch feature makes sure, you don’t switch to the normal server when a VPN connection drops out of the blue. A sudden drop in VPN connection can cause a risk of a privacy breach.

  • Allows 100% torrenting:

This is an important feature that must not be overlooked if you want to torrent while using a VPN. Most of the VPN servers promise torrenting support but don’t allow downloading.

It is because of their terms which states that they will report anyone for copyright infringement. So, better look for a good VPN with open terms that allows 100% torrenting.

  •  Doesn’t leak your IP:

When using a VPN, it is essential to make sure the VPN tunnel is leak-free, or else it can betray your privacy. If an active VPN connection has IP leaks, DNS leaks, or WebRTC leaks, then it could lead to privacy invasion and can allow your ISP to snoop on you. 

Also, it will allow websites or online activity to gain access to your actual IP address. Therefore, practice using a VPN that has zero IP leaks.

How can you get Caught while Torrenting?

So, if you want to get geeky and know how exactly one can get caught while torrenting, here is the step-by-step process:

  1. You start torrenting without a VPN server and are vulnerable to getting monitored by your ISP.
  2. Your current IP address is visible in the torrent tracker.
  3. With the help of your ISP, your IP address is located.
  4. ISP is informed about copyright infringement.
  5. ISP tracks down your IP address and sends you a legal notice of copyright violation.
  6. After that, legal action is either taken against the user or the user is warned. 
  7. If you don’t consider your first warning and try torrenting again, then you can be fined and even jailed for copyright infringement.

What kind of Legal Action can be Imposed if you get Caught while Torrenting?

If you are wondering what kind of legal actions can be imposed on you if you get caught while torrenting, then here is the list:

  • A warning letter from ISP:

If you get caught while torrenting, you will initially get a warning letter from your ISP stating about the copyright infringement. Also, in some countries, they directly try to contact you over a call. 

  •  Your internet connection can be terminated:

Secondly, you can lose your internet connection from that specific ISP if you are caught in the deed. This is usually practiced in the USA.

  • A lumpsum fine:

The copyright holder can claim a lumpsum fine from you if you are caught while torrenting. These fines are damn high in Germany and Australia.

  • Your device can be snatched away:

Yes! You heard it right! In some cases, the authorities can even snatch away your devices for evidence and investigation purposes. And in the worst-case scenario, you won’t even get them back.

Final Remarks on “Can you get caught while pirating with a VPN

Pirating or say torrenting is usually carried out in most parts of the world. People are so fond of using torrent clients to download their favorite stuff that they forget to make themselves anonymous by using a VPN.

Using a VPN not only allows you to keep your traffic encrypted but also allows pirating/torrenting. Although sometimes, a VPN service that is not premium and unreliable can mess up your privacy and can land you into trouble with legalities. 

Therefore, always practice using a good premium VPN while torrenting, to stay safe and anonymous.

Note: This article is purely meant for educational purposes, and Security escape does not promote pirating at all. Therefore, we don’t hold any kind of responsibility if you are pirating and get caught even if you are using a VPN service.