Check Point VPN Keeps Disconnecting

Check Point VPN keeps disconnecting
Check Point VPN keeps disconnecting

Check Point VPN keeps disconnecting is a common problem. You can resolve the problem just by following these configuration steps.

The basic reason for the fluctuation of connection is the wrong configuration. The VPN settings should be configured according to your network ecosystem and its type. But if any error occurs, see the message flashing and act accordingly.

It is very easy to configure this VPN.

Let’s identify the problem and configure it accordingly.

Reasons- Check Point VPN Keeps Disconnecting

Follow the complete configuration steps and Best Practices to avoid such problems.

You can also follow this Link to Identify the exact error and its solution.

To understand the basic mechanism and the components of Check Point VPN visit this link.

The continuous fluctuation in the Check Point connection is due to multiple reasons. The errors you may see are given below

TCP Connection Failure Port= 18191 [Error No. 10]

This is a Client to Site Configuration Error. You need to put the external host in an external network to resolve this problem.

Identify the error through the error message flashing on the screen.

Office Mode IP Route Error

Due to this issue, the connection may disrupt without flashing any error. Its fluctuation may occur continuously.

This error may also cause discontinuity in Check point VPN.

What is Check Point VPN?

Check Point VPN is an EndPoint protection software that allows organizations

  • To establish safe, secure and seamless remote access
  • Multi-factor authenication for high-end data security
  • High-level privacy and integraty of sensitive information through scanning and encryption of all transmitted data.
  • Check Point Network Firewall adds an extra security layer.
  • Can be configured and connected from any browser through Client to site VPN or SSL VPN portal.


The continuous fluctuation of the remote connection of check point VPN is a common problem.

This problem arises due to the invalid configuration of the ports and other configurations.

You should follow the configuration setting provided by this VPN service that is mentioned above.

Find out the error in the mentioned category given above and resolve it accordingly.

Follow the links and configure the settings accordingly.