Security Dashboard

SecurityEscape is an information security service that provides instant feedback on web and mobile security risks for modern day's applications through a Real-time automated dashboard that can seamlessly integrate with the development process of any organization.

SecurityEscape Dashboard is crafted with streamlined interface and powerful backend engineering, capable of scanning sophisticated web & mobile applications for detailed risk overview and vulnerability analysis.


Boosts Scan Efficiency While Reducing Time

  • Embedded with world's first artificially intelligent cloud vulnerbility scanner to deeply enhance threat-identificiation processes. Dashboard
  • Mordern interface to add multiple roles and engage team members for best collaborative experience.
  • Integrations with popular development tools to seamlessly integrate dashboard in development processes.
  • Integrations with popular code-repositories like Github to directly import and rescan vulnerable code within the reports discussion board.
  • Manage web and mobile application security simentaniously under one-dashboard.
  • One Click on-demand expert-driven manual audit support within the dashboard.