What is Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error and How to Fix it

What is Couldn't refresh feed Instagram error and how to fix it
What is Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error and how to fix it

The “Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error” is a normal yet annoying glitch faced by many Instagrammers around the world. And of course, this error can impact your active social media lifestyle as you won’t be able to update your Instagram feed in real-time, hence missing live-regular Instagram updates. Therefore, it becomes essential to understand what exactly it is, why it happens and how to fix it.

So, let’s get straight to the topic.

What is the “Couldn’t refresh feed” Instagram error?

Whenever an Instagrammer is notified with a “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram, he/she loses the ability to see new posts and videos on their Instagram feed. Thus, a user feels helpless and has no option but to stop using Instagram. 

In short, when a “Couldn’t refresh feed” error pops up on Instagram, the app stops fetching fresh new content for your Instagram feed.

But, why does it happen?

Well, let’s try digging up some reasons.

Why am I facing a “Couldn’t refresh feed” Instagram error?

So, if you are a regular Instagram user, and suddenly this specific error “Couldn’t refresh feed” pop-ups on your screen, then there might be some specific reasons like:

Instagram servers are down:

The first reason that is causing the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram might be due to Instagram servers facing downtime. Like other social media platforms, Instagram too faces downtime, which can stop your feed from fetching new content. 

Thus, if you want to make sure that this error is caused due to Instagram servers facing downtime, then simply visit Downdetector or Google up the keyword “Is Instagram down?

Your internet connection is slow or not working:

Another reason that might be causing this error is you have a slow or non-working internet connection.

Yes, a slow internet connection mostly causes this problem, because Instagram as an app demands a fast and stable internet connection to instantly download photos and videos for your feed. 

Additionally, if your router or internet connection is not working properly, or is dead, then too it can throw you this error. You can also try visiting internet speed test websites or apps to get better stats on your Internet speed.

You have restricted background running apps:

Like Instagram demands for proper speedy internet connection, it also demands active background running process, so that it can pre-fetch photos and videos for you inside the Cache memory. But if you have restricted the background process of apps, then it will not be able to fetch in the Cache files for the app, resulting in this error.

Instagram’s Cache memory is full:

When the Instagram app fetches the Cache files, in order to help a user to download images and videos instantly, it also fills up the Cache memory of the app. Thus, when the Cache memory gets full, it is not able to fetch new images and videos for users and causes this “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram.

Conflict of date and time:

Instagram servers provide content similar to that of a normal date and time. Thus, if the date and time of your device are improper, then this can cause conflict between the numerical values of Instagram and the system’s date and time, thus resulting in this error.

Outdated app:

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t update his apps regularly, then you might run into this error instantly, because an outdated app is more prone to bugs and glitches.

Your VPN may be a problem:

A VPN service is something that provides a user a sense of security while using the Internet. But, if you are using a free VPN service, which is extremely slow, then it might also cause Instagram to show this error.

You have turned on Data Saver:

If you have turned on the Data Saver feature on your Instagram app or your phone, then it might also cause this error message to pop up on your Instagram app.

Violation of community guidelines:

Lastly, if you have posted/commented something inappropriate on someone’s post or story, then it might have caused the Instagram app to throw this error. 

Similarly, if you have been using bots to automate your likes and followers, then this action falls under the “Violation of Community Guidelines”, thus causing this particular error.

How to fix the “Couldn’t refresh feed” Instagram error?

After going through some good reasons that might be causing the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error on Instagram, let’s now move forward and try to fix this problem with some solutions.

Wait till the servers are fixed:

If it is confirmed that the Instagram servers are experiencing downtime, then in this case you can’t do anything, but wait for Instagram to fix this issue.

Switch internet connection or restart your router/modem:

Secondly, if your internet connection is slow, then I would recommend switching the internet connection from Wi-Fi to Mobile data and vice versa. Moreover, you can also try refreshing the internet connection by switching it off, and then on again.

However, if you are using a router or modem, and are experiencing a slow internet connection or a no internet connection, then you might consider restarting your modem/router to fix the issue.

Turn off background restriction:

Background restrictions enabled for apps can restrict Instagram’s normal functionality, therefore, it is better to turn it off whilst using Instagram to avoid the “Couldn’t refresh error.”

Delete Instagram’s Cache and data files:

Try deleting Instagram’s Cache and Data files by accessing the Apps menu, so that it can load fresh new cache files which will help the app in showing fresh content every time you swipe down.

You can easily delete Instagram’s Cache and Data files by accessing the Settings menu > Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Data & Data Cache.

Logout and Login again:

Sometimes it is not a problem with the app, but with Instagram’s server. And therefore, to fix this problem, try to log out, and then log in again to your Instagram account, and see if the problem resolves.

Uninstall & Reinstall apps:

Another way of countering this problem is by Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Instagram app on your device, as it will fix any glitch that was present in the app, thus giving it a fresh start.

But remember, doing so will remove your existing Instagram account from the app, thus you will again need to log in using your Instagram credentials.

Moreover, by reinstalling the app, you are automatically updating it to the latest version, and fixing any existing glitches or bugs.

Fix the date and time:

As previously mentioned, Instagram is not comfortable with an improper date and time, hence causing this error. Thus, try to change the date and time to the perfect time zone, or simply turn on the “Automatic Date & Time” feature, which will automatically set up the date and time according to the service provider.

Upgrade to premium VPN service:

If you are using a free version of VPN, then it is high time that you make a switch to a premium VPN service, which will not only hide your internet activity from the ISPs, Government Agencies, or Hackers but also provide you with a fast internet connection. 

Thus, helping you to tackle the slow internet connection which is causing this error.

Turn off Data Saving mode:

Instagram has an in-built data saving feature, which can be turned on to save data while surfing Instagram. But this might also restrict or slow down your Internet connection when you are on the verge of that limit.

Therefore, it is better to turn off that feature and enjoy freshly loaded & uninterrupted Instagram content.

Stop using bots and delete any offensive content or comments:

Are you someone who is using bots to grow the engagement of your Instagram profile?

Yes? Then better stop it, because in the eyes of Instagram, it falls under the Violation of community guidelines, thus blocking you from the platform for a few days.

Similarly, if you have commented or posted anything offensive on Instagram, then better remove them ASAP, as it can block you from scrolling new content on your feed.

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Restart your phone:

This might sound gimmicky to you, but experts have proven that “Restarting” your phone can solve most of the software and hardware issues on the devices. So, go ahead and give it a try, because who knows, it might solve this error right away!

Try using your Instagram account on another device:

If you are still facing the error, then try using your Instagram account on another device such as your PC, which will help you adequately investigate the problem.

Report to Instagram:

Last but not the least, try reporting the problem to Instagram’s support team by attaching the screenshot of the error message, along with a brief explanation of the problem. After that, wait for a few days, maybe 3 to 5 days for Instagram to get back to you with the solution.

Final Remarks on “What is Couldn’t refresh feed Instagram error and how to fix it?”

Instagram not loading fresh content and throwing the “Couldn’t refresh feed” error has become one of the most common problems among Instagrammers nowadays. Therefore, I recommend finding out the appropriate reason behind it and then applying any of the above-mentioned solutions accordingly.