What is Open Source Data Universe? How to Use It

Open Source Data Universe
Open Source Data Universe

Data Universe is a term used to represent a data hub. This data hub holds the data of almost every category and field.

Open Source Data Universe is also known as OSDU is a platform partnered with AWS to provide Open Source credible data to businesses.

The data is collected from different credible sources and stored at a portal. Businesses require data to run and expand the business.

This platform has the capability to provide data in any niche and category that can make business smoother.

What is Data Universe?

Data universe is a platform to allow users to access the data of any category they want to.

The platform is developed to address the following data requirements

  • Data Universe College Salaries
  • County Employees
  • Death records
  • Federal Employees
  • Higher Education
  • Real Estate
  • Property Owners
  • Arrest Records
  • Port Authority
  • Property Assessment
  • Criminal Records

Data Analytics Universe

These data analytics are very useful in determining the next step in the business. The Universe has an infinite amount of data.

NJ data universe is also a very popular term where NJ stands for New Jersey. You can find any kind of data related to the New Jersey Govt. on Data Universe.

What is Space data?

The Space data is related to the activities happening outside the earth. The data of Planets, Asteroids, Stars, Black holes, Galaxies are very useful to study their nature and importance.

The space provides a huge amount of data in the form of pictures, sounds, and Graphs.

The space data requires a giant space for storage.

How much data is in the universe?

The Universe holds an infinite amount of data. Huge data centers are required to store the space data.

Example- The Image size of a Blackhole is more than two TeraByte.

Data universe in Archaeology

Archaeology is a department in which Archaeologists try to find out the reality of ancient history.

The department produces a huge amount of data in the form of Pictures and text.

And this data needs to be stored at an easily accessible platform.

Open Source Data Universe (OSDU)

Open Source Data Universe also called OSDU is a Joint Venture of OSDU and AWS. This is an Open Source data-rich platform to help businesses to get credible data.

OSDU provides the following benefits to businesses.

  • Digitalization of Data

This is the era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Both of the technology requires well-researched and well-formed data.

Researching and Organizing data is time-consuming. This problem is solved by the digitalization of data through OSDU.

  • Focus and Investment on Real Competition

If the data problem is solved the productivity of the business gets improved. Now businesses can focus on the real field of competition because they already have data from credible sources.

  • Digital Transformation Through Own Ecosystem

The collaboration of OSDU with AWS provides an all-in-one ecosystem. A business can access credible data faster without interruption.

This digital transformation is highly effective to save time and provide credible data.

This step accelerates the process of the business internal mechanism.

Data Universe NJ

This is the platform developed by the government of New Jersey. All the non-confidential data is available for the common people.

This platform contains the data of all the departments of New Jersey.

What does OSDU do?

The working of OSDU is a little bit complex. But you can understand it by the following points.

  • Separate data from the Application
  • Put the data at the Center
  • Meta data and Master data Management
  • Enable data centric Applications
  • Focus on Exploration, Development and Wells
  • Use of APIs
  • End to End Support
  • Information Security


Data Universe is a revolutionary platform to promote the digitalization of data. This is important for businesses to grow faster.

Data research and analysis consume most of the time of a business and OSDU is the solution to this problem.