Does Plenty of Fish Notify Screenshots?

Does Plenty of Fish notify screenshots

Are you a Plenty of Fish user and want to save a part of a conversation or want to know about Plenty of Fish screenshot notifications?

Well, you always have the option to capture that part of the screen via the screenshot feature of your mobile or desktop.

However, many users are confused about the screenshot notification part on Plenty of Fish, and hence, they have started to Google up this specific search query, “Does Plenty of Fish notify screenshots?”

Key Takeaways:

  • Plenty of Fish does not notify the other user if you took a screenshot of their chat or profile.
  • “Screenshot” is among one of the most popular features that help a user to capture a specific part of the screen and save it on their device.
  • Snapchat was the first social media app to implement the screenshot notification feature to protect user privacy. Then, Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook walked along the same path.
  • Capture screenshots on your Android and iOS device by pressing “Volume Down + Power Key” and “Volume Up + Power Key”
    respectively. But, if you are using your PC, then simply press “Windows + Print Screen” for Windows and “Shift + Command +
    3” for Mac.
  • Many users can misuse the screenshot feature to stalk, replicate or conduct fraudery.
  • Privacy features like, full account deletion, message restrictions
    and profile locking are missing from the app.

Does Plenty of Fish notify screenshots?

The short and simple answer to this question is “No”, Plenty of Fish does not notify the other user if you took a screenshot of their chat or profile.

So, if you want to screenshot a part of the conversation for your future reference using your tablet, mobile, or PC, then you can easily do it without notifying them.

However, privacy is not a myth, and should be taken very seriously, especially when a website is hosting a huge amount of traffic who are ready to give out their personal information in order to use the service.

Moreover, there are many stalkers and cons out there waiting for their fishes, which is why Plenty of Fish should seriously think through this concern, and implement a screenshot notification feature as soon as possible.

How to screenshot on Plenty of Fish?

Now that you know Plenty of Fish does not notify another user of screenshots, you can start screenshotting things using your phone or desktop.

However, some users are new to this feature, and to help them with the same, I have jotted down a short guide below.

Capturing screenshot using a mobile phone:

Most of the mobile phones that are currently available in the market have the same configuration to capture a screenshot,

i.e., pressing the “Volume Up + Power button” (on iOS), or “Volume Down + Power Button” (on Android).

Although, some mobile phones provide its users with an additional feature called “Three finger swipe down” action, that captures screenshots easily without compromising the smoothness of your physical buttons.

So, if you are interested in this method, then follow the step-by-step instructions to capture screenshots on Plenty of Fish.

  • Open the POF app on your mobile phone.
  • Then, log in with your credentials if you haven’t.
  • Now, scroll to the content you wish to screenshot.
  • Lastly, just press and hold the “Volume Down/Volume Up + Power Button” for a second, or perform a “three finger swipe down” to capture the screenshot.

Capturing screenshot using desktop:

Some users who like the orthodox way of accessing their Plenty of Fish account,

i.e., using the desktop version, can also capture a screenshot easily by pressing the “Windows + Print Screen” button (on Windows),
or the “Shift + Command + 3” button (on Mac) simultaneously.

Now, let’s move forward to the step-by-step process.

  • Open the web browser on your PC.
  • Now, access on it.
  • Log in with your user ID and password.
  • Then, scroll to the specific page.
  • Lastly, press “Windows + Print Screen” on your Windows PC or “Shift+Command+3” on your Mac.

What are the risks involved in not notifying users of the screenshots?

Every user on the internet has the right to data privacy, and if it has been compromised, then there are big risks involved with the act.

For instance, say someone is fond of you and they decide to screenshot your profile picture.

At the initial level, you will think of it as a small problem, but what if your profile picture gets leaked on the internet?

Well, in that case, anyone can access it freely, and in the worst-case scenario that profile picture can also be morphed by strangers and used illegally.

In another scenario, if you have entered your personal information like; street name, house address, or mobile number, then one can easily screenshot that part of the screen and use that information for their own benefit.

Additionally, if someone is a stalker, then they can easily use the screenshot feature to their advantage.

Further stating, nowadays the meme culture is at the top of the social media game.

Everyone is just thriving for original content for their meme material, and because of that reason, social media and dating app conversations/posts have become the soft spot.

And with that said you don’t want to see your private conversation becoming a meme material, which maybe can cause damage to your reputation.

Therefore, it has become much of a necessity to implement privacy- oriented features like “screenshot notification” on every social media platform.

What are the other privacy flaws of Plenty of Fish?

If you think that “no screenshot notification” is the only privacy flaw of Plenty of Fish, then you are definitely wrong, because there are a whole lot of other things that should also be considered.

For instance;

  • Users can freely search for anyone that is available on the platform which is a big concern as it voids privacy.
  • Anyone can slide into your DMs without any prohibition, which is again a big problem as it gives stalkers and creeps a free window to hop in.
  • Lastly, as mentioned in the section 9 of the privacy policy page, POF has mentioned that it keeps some of the user data intact for business purposes. Hence, no one knows how long POF can keep your data with them.

What is a screenshot? A short introduction:

Screenshots are one of the most familiar ways of saving something that you need for future use.

For instance, you can capture a part of the screen that contains a specific part of an article, WhatsApp conversation, or Instagram photos.

Moreover, the screenshot feature was already a part of PCs and Laptops, but If we look into the history of this feature on phones, then the iPhone was the first ever phone to integrate the screenshot feature in the year 2007.

After that, Android started integrating it into its Operating System in the year 2011.

Which apps support screenshot notifications?

Snapchat was the first app that introduced a screenshot notification feature in the year 2011 which is right after its release.

The main aim of this feature was to eliminate the potential threat of data theft and to protect user privacy.

Now, when this feature skyrocketed and received appreciation from the users, slowly other apps like Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook started to implement it inside their messenger apps.

But still, there are many social media and dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, that haven’t taken this step to protect their users from unwanted mishaps.

Final Remarks on “Does Plenty of Fish notify screenshots?”

After this brief discussion, we can conclude that Plenty of Fish won’t notify the user if someone has attempted to take a screenshot.

Therefore, if you want to screenshot a POF chat or profile for your future reference, then you can easily do it without any second

Having said that, one should always keep data privacy in their mind and stay away from any kind of malpractice that can land you into trouble.