Built For Larger Teams

However large the team, a well-organized dashboard with seamless integration and information control
vulnerabilities with seamless process integration.

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Database at Your Premise

We don’t store your database. Databases are entirely setup on your cloud-infrastructure connected with our application so you could have the revived platform without compromising any information’s confidentiality.

Custom Branding

A sleek innovation connecting your dashboard to your own subdomain. For example, define security.yourcompany.com and incorporate customized preferences and design to produce the same “feel” as your own platform.

Dedicated Environment

We setup a dedicated cloud environment for our enterprise customers to experience a better management in protecting sensitive data & uptime.

Priority Support

Our team of experts is prepared for on-request priority support. Ask whenever appropriate from the dashboard at whatever point you feel the need.

Smart Mail Integration New

Integrate your mail-system with the dashboard to receive auto-generated tickets when anybody sends or forwards an e-mail to security@yourcomany.com or x@securityescape.com, and assign members to work on them.