General FAQs

SecurityEscape is a SaaS based information security consultancy.
A Vulnerability can be any type of loophole, a gap, a flaw or a bug that allows any cyber-criminal or any malicious user to cause a attack on a website, application or a network. The severity of vulnerability is not same in each case, it can vary from mild or harmless impacts to complete server compromising attacks.
SecurityEscape thoroughly believes in the fact “The only successful online business is a secure business. If you control the code, you control the world” , your online security is not only essential for your company’s integrity but it reflects the privacy of every user that trusts your web-service . Today, most of the established businesses live under a common myth that their businesses remain secure and cannot be breached. Some core aspects of present-day position of information security are,
  • 65% increase of web breaches in 2013
  • 1 in every 5 organization have experienced an attack
  • Till date 3 Trillion US dollars have been impacted with security breaches and cyber-crime
  • 3 billion exposed sensitive records via security breaches, in past 5 years
  • It takes up-to eight months for a business to identify a advanced threat on their network
  • Enterprises are siege under a rising volume of cyber security breaches and attacks
You could be the next one ?

Most of the traditional security firms are great in providing detailed manually verified reports generated by automated scanners. We believe in better approach by fusing intelligent cloud-based vulnerability detection system by expert driven manual penetration testing. To let you experience the difference before you make a choice, we have got a free demo audit policy.

While SecurityEscape ensures that your website remains hack-proof after we have audited it, to provide maximum assurance we guarantee that we will refund the entire subscription charges if at any point of time your website/application experiences a successful security breach.

To signup for using SecurityEscape cloud security services, kindly fill up the signup form with all the required details.

You will have to signup to avail security auditing services.

Please contact us immediately on [email protected] or through our contact form

Dashboard FAQs

Regular cloud security solutions are dependent on obsolete crawling and algorithmic-based vulnerability detection system, age-old report management process and requires much more human-interference because of no collaborative or engagement functions.

SecurityEscape is the first artificially-intelligence powered vulnerability identification system that uses smart crawl functions for unique and quick results, streamlined report management and team engagement features and all-in-one scanner to manage web and mobile apps under one single dashboard. The dashboard also offers modern integrations with almost all popular development tools to seamlessly integrate it into your development process. This was a quick overview, to learn more kindly reach us out at [email protected]

SecurityEscape was crafted to be a native part of your development process. We provide complete integrations with popular services like GitHub, At lassian, Slack, Gitlab etc

Yes, you get an extendable API to help you to integrate your security dashboard with your website or your internal tracking processes.

We cover OWASP & WASC security standards in our cloud solution which itself encompasses more than 500 different vulnerabilities. Apart from which, our dashboard is also constantly updated with emerging threats and vulnerabilities. The artificial-intelligence is another contributor to the knowledge-base of the cloud-scanner as it updates any newly discovered threat on its own to the database.

Service FAQs

Payment gateway auditing is useful for both organisations providing payment-gateways as a service and also for enterprises using third-party gateway to ensure proper implementation and endpoint security.

Data security audit is useful for any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or any cloud-based service which handles sensitive data or want to ensure that the service cannot be intruded by any malicious user or attacker.

We cover PCI DSS and ISO 27001 standards in compliance auditing.

Payment FAQs

Unlimited scans, tool integrations, a constantly updated service - capable of detecting a massive amount of vulnerabilities.

Yes, your subscription can be changed at any time by emailing our support or through the option in your dashboard.

Yes. You can delete all your data and account using the delete account option in your settings. The accounts are not immediately deleted and take up-to 7-days for being completely removed after making the request.

You can cancel your monthly subscription anytime for the following month. Cancellations for paid subscriptions after the demo period may not be subject to refunds, to know more please reach us out.

We accept all major credit/debit cards in India and PayPal for international payments.

Pricing is based on the number of projects that are added to the account. You are billed based on the number of projects you create for scanning. You can do any number of scans on these targets within the subscription period.

Yes, we have separate billing policies for non-profit organizations, to know more please contact us.