Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecurityEscape ?

SecurityEscape is a SaaS based information security solution which utilizes industrial expertise, artificial-intelligence and cloud-based vulnerability identification approach for aiding organizations that are passionate about building secure products.

What is meant by a vulnerability?

A vulnerability can be any type of loophole, a gap, a flaw or a bug that allows any cyber-criminal or any malicious user to cause a attack on a website, application or a network. The severity of vulnerability is not same in each case, it can vary from mild or harmless impacts to complete server compromising attacks.

Why Us?

Most organizations and enterprises undergo security assessments by traditional providers that are pre-defined, irregular, predictable or obsolete. We believe, modern applications are highly complex and built on sophisticated environments that require well-organized result-driven solutions. As we consider today’s application far too tangled for pre-defined audits to sustain security, we develop dynamic strategies to conduct intensive security audits based upon requirements of the target application, to deliver results that can ensure all the users and stakeholders that information security challenge is being effectively addressed.

Is there a need for application security to my online business?

Most organizations assure their leaders, users and stakeholders with information security based on traditional security audits conducted using obsolete methods. Your application security does not only reflect your organization’s integrity but affects privacy and sensitive information of every user subscribed to your services. A successful security breach can compromise your complete database and can lead to hazardous impact to your business and users of your service.

Which security solution is suitable to my application/website?

Information security requirements can differ based on your website or application’s architecture. For understanding critical risks associated with your website and effective solutions to address them, you can talk with our security experts, to schedule a session just drop us a mail at

What type of subscriptions are offered?

We operate on scalable subscription model based on your application security requirements, to discuss more reach us out at

How to avail services or audit?

Our security dashboard with integrated manual security auditing model provides seamless experience for you to avail our services, to start protecting your critical IT assets, reach us out here.

How to sign up?

To sign up for SecurityEscape cloud security solutions, kindly submit the sign up form with required details.

Still not convinced?

Talk to one of our security experts to understand more about our services and schedule a demo to experience our security dashboard.