What is SecurityEscape ?

SecurityEscape is a SaaS based information security consultancy firm to know more please check out our about us page.

What is meant by a Security Vulnerability ?

A Vulnerability can be any type of loophole, a gap, a flaw or a bug that allows any cyber-criminal or a individual to cause a attack on a website, application or a network. The severity of vulnerability is not same in each case, it can vary from mild or harmless impacts to complete server compromising attacks.

Is there a need for application security to my online business ?

SecurityEscape thoroughly believes in the fact “The only successful online business is a secure business. If you control the code, you control the world” , your online security is not only essential for your company’s integrity but it reflects the privacy of every user that trusts your web-service . Today, most of the established businesses live under a common myth that their businesses remain secure and cannot be breached. Some core aspects of present-day position of information security are,

  • 65% increase of web breaches in 2013
  • 1 in every 5 organization have experienced an attack
  • Till date 3 Trillion US dollars have been impacted with security breaches and cyber-crime
  • 3 billion exposed sensitive records via security breaches, in past 5 years
  • It takes upto eight months for a business to identify a advanced threat on their network
  • Enterprises are siege under a rising volume of cyber security breaches and attacks
  • You could be the next one ?

Why us?

Most of the traditional security firms are great in providing detailed manually verified reports generated by automated scanners. We believe in better approach by fusing intelligent cloud-based vulnerability detection system by expert driven manual penetration testing. To let you experience the difference before you make a choice, we have got a free demo audit policy.

If my site is hacked, SecurityEscape pays?

While SecurityEscape ensures that your website remains hack-proof after we have audited it, to provide maximum assurance we guarantee that we will refund the entire subscription charges if at any point of time your website/application experiences a successful security breach.

Still Got Questions?

We would be glad to answer all your queries. Please reach us at +1 609.337.2273 or drop a message here.

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