Bug Bounty Program

We work with security researchers around the globe to involve with our research projects.

Submit a Vulnerability

Program Details

As security consultants ourselves, we know there is always room for improvement. To encourage researchers to help us continue to strengthen our online assets, we have introduced our responsible disclosure and bug bounty program.

Be a part of our program and be rewarded for letting us know if we’ve missed something in our security setup. Since most of our applications are isolated, you will first have to register with us as a security researcher to gain access to our staging servers in order to perform security tests.

If you have encountered any security vulnerabilities on our website or a publicly available application, please write to us at security@securityescape .com.  We will respond within 24-48 hours and reward your efforts based on the severity of the disclosure.

Request Access for Internal Apps

As said above, most of our apps are isolated, we will provide you access to our staging server where you can conduct tests and will be qualified for rewards if proven to be legitimate and severe.

Request Access

For any queries related to our program, please contact at security@securityescape.com