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SecurityEscape Free Demo Security Audit

SecurityEscape offers completely free demo security audit to practically demonstrate the need of advanced security auditing mechanism for enterprises looking for end-to-end security solutions. Our free auditing program has been successful to enlighten enterprises about their existing security controls.

  • Our free audits are harmless, non-intrusive and doesn’t affect functionality
  • Reports can be delivered in expected time-frame
  • Deliverable reports include Proof-of-Concept and reproduction steps

Terms & Conditions

  • Verification of authority requesting this service is mandatory to prevent any unethical use of this service.
  • We need website security auditing permissions to be granted for a temporary time period after a free-audit is requested.
  • We reserve rights to deny providing service to anyone on our own discretion.
  • We will not take any responsibility of the discovered vulnerabilities after submitting it to respective organization/individual.
  • Free audits are not covered under our SLAs hence we do not bear any indemnification under this scheme.

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