How to deal with Friends who never like Your posts on Instagram and Facebook

friends who never like your post on Instagram and Facebook
friends who never like your post on Instagram and Facebook

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become so popular nowadays, that everyone including children under 15 years is using them to post their photos and socialize with their friends. But sometimes there are many Facebook or Instagram friends who don’t like to engage with your social media post at all, which will force you to think about, how to deal with friends who never like your posts on Instagram and Facebook?

How to deal with friends who never like your posts on Instagram and Facebook?

If you are someone who is facing this issue of your Facebook or Instagram friends never liking your posts, then you could try out these simple solutions to deal with it:

  • Stop self-doubting.
  • Ignore it like it doesn’t exist.
  • Stop accepting friend requests from strangers.
  • Filter out friends list.
  • Keep room for privacy.
  • Increase your engagement.
  • Create an engaging social media post.
  • Get a life.

For a detailed explanation of each solution, keep reading the article.

Stop self-doubting:

First of all, stop self-doubting yourself based on likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram, because no number of likes or comments can justify your character or your true inner self to the virtual world. People who are really around you, your family, and your friends, know you well enough and like you the way you are.

Therefore, stop criticizing yourself for likes and comments, and live your life to the fullest, because You Live Only Once.

Ignore it like it doesn’t exist:

Your friend didn’t like your new photo?

Eh! Don’t entertain it and move on, because you are not defined by the number of likes and comments on your social media posts, but by your true character. 

Stop accepting friend requests from strangers:

Many times, we start accepting random follow or friend requests on Instagram and Facebook respectively, which in turn clogs our social media friends list with strangers, who don’t have a clue of who we are.

Therefore, make it a habit to run a background check on that person before accepting their request. Moreover, this might probably be a psycho lover who is stalking your social media account and planning his/her next move.

Filter out friends list:

This solution is somewhat related to the previous one. As mentioned earlier, sometimes we tend to accept random requests on our social media accounts, which in turn clogs our friend list with inactive/unwanted users. Moreover, there might be a friend who is less active on social media or disinterested in your content. 

Thus, it is better to filter out such friends from the list once in a while, and unfriend or unfollow them accordingly, which will also create some extra room for the deserving ones.

Keep room for privacy:

This is my favorite one because I always try to push my friends and family members into privacy. Always try to maintain privacy on your social media accounts. Don’t start posting everything from your joy to your sorrows on social media, because; (a) People don’t care about it, and (b) Some people are way too jealous of your lifestyle. Moreover, there are many hackers out there who are just waiting for such kind of information, that can help them to exploit you.

Therefore, always try to keep room for privacy to avoid such uncomfortable situations. 

Increase your engagement:

Social media apps have advanced as the years have passed, and so is their algorithm, which is why your post might not be making it to your friend’s Facebook or Instagram feed.

Therefore, if you are trying to seek likes and comments from your friends, I suggest you like & comment on their posts or message them, and try to connect with them on a personal level. 

Doing so will increase your engagement ratio with that person, and hence your posts will be easily visible on their Facebook or Instagram feed. 

Create an engaging social media post:

This might be hard for you to digest but there might be a possibility that your social media post is not as engaging as it seems, or maybe the other person is not finding it relatable. 

Therefore, if you are aiming to get likes and comments from your virtual friends, then try experimenting with your posts, and create good engaging social media content. 

Also, not to forget, if you are posting silly or petty things on your social media account, then you might want to consider changing your virtual activity. 

Get a life:

Lastly, get a life beyond all the virtual social media chaos, because the things that are in the real world will matter the most rather than these fake likes or comments. And I am not kidding, there are many teenagers out there who are unable to interact with real people, as they have zero training and knowledge on how to deal with real-life people and situations.

Final Remarks on how to deal with friends who never like your posts on Instagram and Facebook:

After this long discussion, it is very much clear that no matter what you post on your Facebook wall or Instagram Feed, there will be some people who might not be interested in engaging with your posts.

And therefore, I recommend implementing these solutions which will help you to deal with friends who never like your post on Instagram and Facebook.