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You have just invested in a new vehicle, the one of your dreams, and you take it on a trip across Canada. You only put gas in it and drive sightseeing and following your nose. It takes two days to get you up and running the system failure may be enterprise wide.

Choose Platform & Quantity Provide the number of applications for security assessment. Select the application as per their respective platforms.

Cloud-based Automated Assessment

Select this option to opt-in for a cloud-based security monitoring system that helps you to scan vulnerabilities by analysing your app’s configuration and functionalities in real-time. Manage cross-platform security threats from all sources on a single dashboard. Get practical insights to take decisive actions against identified threats.

Manual Assessment

Select this option to get a dedicated team of security experts that find, map and fix real security vulnerabilities and help you to securely craft your upcoming product updates. The security team will assist you with understanding, prioritizing and addressing every vulnerability found to work closely towards building a secure architecture for your upcoming releases.


14 Months


Additional Support

Select this additional support option to get supplementary expertise from our industry-wide recognized security experts. In this option, our experts will provide you additional technical support after completion of the security assessment, to help you validate your fix management and other best-practice compliances.