7 Core Points Explain How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure from Cyber Attacks

How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure
How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure

The increasing number of exposed records and data breaches due to cyber-attacks is an alarming situation all over the world.

This article is about, How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure from Cyber-Attacks. You will be shocked to know the truth behind Free VPN services.

The graphs of cyber-attacks are showing consistent growth and broke all the records during the Pandemic.

The United States faced 1001 data breaches and 155 Million records exposed in 2020 according to Statista.

Data Breach in United States
Data Breach in the United States

The number of Ransomware attacks is 304 Million worldwide in 2020 according to Statista.

Ransomware Attacks Worldwide
Ransomware Attacks Worldwide

Now you can understand the essence of VPN for both individuals as well as for organizations.

Are you ready to know more facts about VPN security? Let’s dive in

How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure?

The VPN helps you stay secure by creating a safe virtual tunnel between the source and destination of the data to be shared. The creation of the tunnel takes place through a 256-bit Military Grade encryption rate. The tunnel is capable of hiding the complete online activities performed by the user. The whole process includes the private servers used by VPN at different locations of the world.

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What is a VPN?

To understand the working process of a VPN it is important to understand the meaning of VPN.

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” which is a service to be used to create a safe and secure environment of data sharing and performing online activities.

A virtual network is created to carry the data from source to destination in an encrypted form using VPN servers.

The Security Mechanism of VPN

A VPN with a reliable and strong security mechanism efficiently helps you stay secure during online activities.

The 7 points mentioned below are the core of the security shield offered by a VPN service.

Different security mechanisms of a VPN to help you stay secure are

  • Strong Encryption of Data
  • Hiding Original IP
  • Switching Virtual Location
  • No-Log Activity
  • Kill Switch
  • Private Servers
  • Multifactor Authentication

Strong Encryption of Data

Data Encryption by VPN to Help you stay Secure
Data Encryption

Most VPN uses a 256-bit data encryption rate which is military-grade. This level of encryption is strong enough to secure the data from hackers.

Encryption of data is a part of virtual tunnel creation that provides a safe path to incoming and outgoing data.

The data encrypted at this level can’t be breached from outside the VPN because the key of data decryption is only available at the receiver’s end.

Hiding Original IP

The IP (Internet Protocol) address discloses the location, device type, and the network used by the user.

The VPN hides the original IP address of the user and uses its own server’s IP address for online activities to help you stay secure.

Switching Virtual Location

The VPN provides the capability to the user to switch his virtual location by selecting different servers offered by the VPN service.

For Example, the user physically sitting in Australia can switch his virtual location to the United States by using VPN.

This feature helps users to maintain anonymity. Governments, Security Agencies, and hackers can’t spy on the user’s online activity.

No-Log Activity

Most VPN services follow no-log activity because it is one of the most critical features. The no-log activity is basically zero data backup of the user’s online activity.

The VPN services strictly following no-log activity and zero data backup are known to be the most credible VPN services.

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature is one of the most protective features offered by different VPN services.

The VPN turns off the internet connection using this feature, as soon as any malicious activity from outside the VPN is identified.

This feature is genuinely useful to help you stay secure on the internet.

Private Servers

The Private servers play a critical role in the online security of the user. They help to create a virtual tunnel, hide the original IP, and switch virtual locations.

The data traveling through private data servers can neither be traced nor be recorded by the ISPs (Internet Service Provider), hackers, and security agencies.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication by VPN to Help You Stay Secure
Multifactor Authentication

The multifactor authentication feature offered by VPN service providers works like a shield of security.

Single-stage authentication is not enough to ensure data security.

It is almost impossible to breach the data by manipulating this security layer. Only the real user can access the data by going through this security feature.

Reliable VPN for High-Class Security

The strong security features establish the reliability of a VPN service. The most credible VPN services strictly following these security features are given below.

Express VPN

The Express VPN is the most reliable VPN service in the market. It strictly follows all the security measures mentioned above.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN is the 2nd most trusted VPN service in the market because of its strict security features.

Surfshark VPN

With powerful security features, Surfshark is the 3rd most trusted VPN service in the market.

Free VPNs (Risk of Data Security)

The free VPNs offer data security and save sensitive data from malicious attacks but this is the only aspect of the free VPNs.

Another aspect is

In some cases, it is found that they inject viruses or spyware to the user’s device and also sell the user’s data to the advertisement companies.

That’s why it is recommended to use free VPNs only for gaming and streaming purposes. It shouldn’t be used to share sensitive data.

Final Words About (How Does VPN Help You Stay Secure)

VPNs are becoming more popular day by day. A good VPN service never collects, store and sell the user’s data to third parties.

The top-class VPN services offer high-end security features and ensure user data security.

The VPN helps you stay secure by offering features like

  • Data encryption
  • IP change
  • Kill Switch
  • No-Log Activity
  • Switching Virtual Location
  • And Multifactor Authentication

The data security mechanism offered by VPN includes all the points mentioned above. What is your opinion about Free VPN services? Please mention this in the comment section.