How to Fix Packet Loss Cox (Step by Step Guide)

How to Fix Packet Loss on COX
How to Fix Packet Loss on COX

Cox is a famous Internet Service Provider in the USA, that provides digital video, home security, home phone, and high-speed internet services. Unfortunately, many users have come up with the issue of packet loss while playing online games or streaming, which had them thinking, “How to fix packet loss Cox?”

Well, you can fix it easily, and get your internet running up in no time. And to help you with the same, I will be providing you with the help guide in this article on how to fix packet loss Cox. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s fix it.

How to fix packet loss Cox?

To start with, you can always perform manual troubleshooting methods and if it doesn’t work you can use a VPN service. Though if you want to gain more clarity over the guide, I suggest you go through the entire article.

So, if your Cox is causing packet loss you can either:

  • Run manual troubleshooting methods:

So, if you are facing a problem on Cox, you can always run manual troubleshooting methods, and if you want to implement this idea, you can follow these simple methods:

  • Run a pathping test using CMD or with some famous Speed test provider like Ookla or 
  • If you find any packet loss, you can always call your Cox customer care support, and ask them to help you with the Cox packet loss.
  • Run an audit on your home internet components like; PC, Router, Cables, or your internet drivers. If you find any fault in that, it is something you should fix, because that might be causing packet loss on Cox.
  • Try using a wired connection like an Ethernet connection instead of a wireless connection, as sometimes using a wireless connection causes Wi-Fi packet loss due to any hindrance or weak connectivity.
  • If you have tried the above method, but still have no luck in fixing packet loss on Cox, you can restart the modem or your router. Restarting your modem or router gives hardware the time to refresh and recalculate itself, resulting in better performance. 
  • Another way is to directly connect to your modem or internet line, instead of a mediator like a Wi-Fi router.
  • What if your game server is the one that is losing the internet packet, not your ISP? In this case try to contact the game server or any other service you are using, and try to get it fixed from their end.
  • Lastly, sometimes it is not the ISP nor the service that is causing packet loss on Cox, but because of the network congestion. And network congestion happens due to traffic in peak hours. So, try to avoid peak hours and save yourself from packet loss on Cox.

Now, after you have tried these methods, and still face the packet loss on Cox, you can always try the next Solution.

  • Using a VPN service:

Using a VPN service not only protects you from dangerous online threats but also helps you to cope up with packet loss on Cox. 

A VPN service will certainly not fix packet loss at once, but at least improve it, as it takes your traffic and routes it through its own network, far away from your ISP’s congested network. And therefore, to use a VPN service follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a VPN service of your choice. 
  • Download and install it on your computer.
  • Launch it and login in with your credentials.
  • Finally, connect to a high-speed server, which also has a low ping rate.
  • That’s all. Now, VPN will certainly help you with packet loss.

What can cause packet loss on Cox?

Packet loss means the packet you send or receive never makes it to the destination, and the same is with Cox. Packet loss can occur anywhere on your connection, for example; when you try to access, there are several hops in between, so you can’t figure out the exact spot of packet loss.

It can occur on one spot or maybe multiple, and the range for packet loss is measured between 0 to 100%. A 100% packet loss means no internet connection.

As with the case of Cox, it limits the bandwidth or allocates network resources improperly, which directly causes some packet loss. Although in most cases, network congestion, bags the spot of #1 reason to cause extreme to moderate packet loss.

Thus, most of the users tend to complain during peak hours, as the network is not properly configured and fails to handle bulk requests. Resulting in failure to fulfill them, directly results in packet loss.

Not to forget, Packet loss on Cox can also occur because of router error, hardware/software issues, bad ethernet cables, using wireless connection rather than wired connections, or host errors. 

Final Remarks:

Cox is the number one internet service provider across America, that offers many services. Quite a number of users across America use Cox as their ISP, but sometimes it causes packet loss resulting in no or bad internet connection and requires some fixes.

Thus, these were my top 2 solutions on how to fix packet loss Cox, which will help you to get your internet connection back instantly.