How to Set up Wi-Fi with Router and Modem (Easy Step by Step Guide)

How to Set up Wi-Fi with Router and Modem
How to Set up Wi-Fi with Router and Modem

We all are aware of the fact, that the internet connection has gone wireless, thanks to the new and improved Wi-Fi routers which make it possible to connect multiple devices on a single data plan but How to Set up Wi-Fi with Router and Moden by your Own?

Don’t worry, I got you covered with my how-to set-up Wi-Fi with router and modem tutorial, which will help you connect to your ISPs in no time and save you from the hassle of going through the manual book.

Even the router companies have started providing an easy smartphone interface through their app, which will help you configure your router and modem in no time, with zero hassle.

But the question lies in how well you set up a successful Wi-Fi connection with router and modem. 

So, let’s get started!

Steps to set up Wi-Fi with a router and modem

Here are a few simple steps which will help you set up your router and modem in no time:

To Set up your Wi-Fi Router with Modem you should place the Router at the most appropriate place then connect the Router with the modem and turn it on to connect the ISP. Now configure the Router following the guide given below and also connect the devices as per guide instructions.

Get yourself a good router

It is no rocket science if you want the best internet speed you need to purchase a router that not only has good reviews but also has a good coverage range (like the number of antennas), and a good in-built processor.

Yeah! The processors play an important part in the router because they are the ones who will smartly control your traffic and give you the desired speed. I would suggest you buy a router which has both 2.4GHZ and a 5GHZ internet band support.

Place your router at a good place

Well, this is the most important point to be kept in mind while setting up your router.

When a router is placed somewhere, where the signals are being jammed due to the surroundings or other electrical appliances, the speed of your internet connection and signal strength will suffer.

Don’t place the router in the corner too, as it can jeopardize the strength of your Wi-Fi coverage. 

So, the safest bet that I suggest, will be placing your router in such a location where it has no distractions in the surrounding, with 100% breathability, which will save your router from overheating.

Connect your router with a modem

After you have placed the router in the right place (usually should be placed near the modem), start connecting it with a modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. 

Insert Ethernet cable inside the WAN port of the router, so that the internet can also be accessed through the router.

Turn on the router

After plugging in the power cable, turn on the router and wait for 30 to 60 seconds, to ensure that all the lights on the router are working correctly.

Connecting to your ISP provider

Setting up the router will only create a Wi-Fi network, but no internet connection. So, in order to connect to the internet, you need to access your Internet Service Provider’s website and register the MAC address.

So, to register with your ISP, log in with the credentials provided by your ISP and save your MAC address there. Thus, your router is now authorized with your ISP.

Mostly you will get the MAC to address on the backside of the router or the manual book.

Configure your router

After you are done registering with your ISP, you can now configure your router.

  • You need to do is access your router through a browser by typing up its IP address in the address bar.
Type IP Address in Browser
Type IP Address in Browser

Usually, the IP address is,, or above image) 

         But if you are not able to find the IP address for your router, you can do a web search for your model.

Login Page
Login Page

After successful access to your router’s login page, enter the appropriate credentials provided by your router provider. Mostly, routers have “admin” as their password and username. (see above image) 

Enter SSID Provided
Enter SSID Provided
  • After that, select wireless settings and enter the SSID name of your choice. Enable Wireless Router Radio and SSID Broadcast option. (see above image) 
  • Keep the channel mode as b/g/n on the 2.4Ghz router and b/g/n/a on a 5GHz router. Plus, for maximum stability select 1, 6, and 11 as your channel number. (see above image) 
Choose Strong Password
Choose Strong Password
  • Now, go to Wireless Security and feed the password of your choice. Remember to keep a strong password, as it will help you to keep your Wi-Fi safe and Ensure your Data Security

The use of alphabets, numbers, and symbols as combinations is the best practice to keep your Wi-Fi password strong. (see above image) 

  • Select WPA/WPA2 as your encryption type, as it is the strongest encryption available. Finally save the entire Wireless Setting. (see above image) 
Choose Encryption Type
Choose Encryption Type
  • Fill up the appropriate username and password given by the provider in the Network section. (see above image) 
  • After that select WAN connection type (most ISP prefer PPPoE/ Russia PPPoE type). (see above image) 
  • After that hit connect and save the settings. (see above image) 

Now your router is successfully connected to the internet.

Connecting your devices

Now, as you have gained a successful internet connection on your router, it is time to connect your devices and for that, you need to:

  1. Locate your computer’s network setting or your phone’s network settings. You can easily find this option in the notifications panel of your smartphone and on your computer. 
  2. Let your device scan for the available networks.
  3. Now, as soon as you see your SSID or network name, select it. It will prompt for the password, so enter your Wi-Fi password 
  4. And connected!

Now, to see if your internet is working correctly, just open Chrome Browser or any other site on your browser, and if it opens up, then my friend you have successfully managed to set up your Wi-Fi with router and modem.

 You can also connect other devices like your Xbox, iPad, PlayStation Nintendo in the same manner.

Final Remarks on How to Set up wi Fi with Router and Modem

Don’t shy off; just give yourself a good pat on your shoulders as you have successfully managed to set up a Wi-Fi connection with router and modem.