How to watch downloaded movies on Telegram (Easy Step by Step Guide)

How to Watch Downloaded Movies on Telegram
How to Watch Downloaded Movies on Telegram

With the growing competition in the market for messaging apps, many messenger app companies like Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp are keen to provide the best of services to their users. And if you want to know How to Watch Downloaded Movies on Telegram App then keep reading this step-by-step guide.

Although, Telegram which was launched in the year 2013, both for iOS and Android, gained more popularity because of its 2GB file sharing limit, and many other features. 

WhatsApp is the only giant company that is now lacking many features when compared to Telegram, and one of the most loved features that Telegram offers is free movie downloads inside the app.

But, if you are facing a problem accessing that downloaded movie, then my friend you have just landed on the right page, as I will be providing you with a few solutions, which will help you watch the file you just downloaded.

So, without any further a due let’s get this conversation started.

Steps to watch downloaded movies on Telegram

In order to watch a downloaded movie, you can just click on the file inside the Telegram app, or download a media player app like VLC Media Player/MX Player and it will start playing your movie. But to get a precise idea of how-to watch downloaded movies in Telegram, just go through the solutions, and you will be a pro in no time.

Solution 1: Play it inside the Telegram app

Yes, you read it right! With the latest update, Telegram has provided its user with an in-built video player app, which allows users to play downloaded video files right from the app.

Prior to the update, Telegram prompted to open the Android video player or YouTube app.

So, to access the downloaded file right from the app just follow these simple steps:

  • Open Telegram App
Open Telegram App
Open Telegram App
  • Go to the specific Telegram channel from where you downloaded the movie.
Open The Channel
Open The Channel
  • Now click on the play button shown inside of that file.
Click the Particular Movie
Click the Particular Movie
  • Done, now the file will play inside Telegram with the help of its in-built media player.
Movie will run on Telegram
Movie will run on Telegram

Note: This step works on both Telegram mobile (Android & iOS) and Telegram PC versions.

Solution 2: Play it on the Android or iPhone’s Photo app

The second solution that I like to present in front of you, is using the pre-loaded Photos App both on Android and iOS. But there is an additional step that you have to follow for iOS devices. 

Therefore, I am bifurcating this solution into two parts; i.e., Android and iOS. So, to play the downloaded movie file from the Photos app, follow these simple steps:

For Android:

  • Download the movie on the Telegram app.
  • Click on the 3 dotted lines.
  • Select Save to Gallery.
  • Now Open Photos app on Android.
  • Locate the downloaded file.
  • Click on the file.
  • Select play with the Photos Video Player.
  • Annndd Done.

For iOS:

  • Download the movie file from the Telegram app.
  • Open the file on the telegram app and the video will start to play.
  • Now you will see the share option on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Click on it.
  • Now, click on the save video option.
  • Now, go to Photos App and find the appropriate file.
  • Open the video file and start binging the movie. 

P.S. Some of the heavy video formats are not supported on the iOS’s Photos App, so below is another solution for the same.

Solution 3: Get a Media Player app

Now, in this scenario, if you have an iOS device, you might be restricted to play the video file using the in-built video player. Some of the video formats like .mkv are not supported on iPhone’s photo app. So, you just have to consider downloading an additional media player app like VLC or MX Player. 

Additionally, this scenario is also applicable on Android devices or PC if you want to gain more control over your media playback.

So, to play videos on iOS or any of your devices through VLC or MX Player, follow these simple steps. And again, I am bifurcating it into two profiles.

For Android:

  • Open Telegram App, locate the downloaded file, click on 3 dotted lines and select save to gallery.
  • After that, download VLC or MX Player from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app or go to the file manager.
  • Now scroll the video files inside the Telegram folder and find the movie you downloaded.
  • Now click on the file. (Select play using VLC/MX player, if you are inside the file manager.)
  • Done. You are now watching your favorite movie title.

For iOS:

  • Download VLC or MX Player from the App Store.
  • Now, open the Telegram app and go to the chatbox or channel from where you downloaded the movie.
  • Now open the file. You will notice there is no option that says Save file, instead, a share menu will pop up.
  • Select VLC or MX Player option. (If you are unable to find the VLC/MX Player option, scroll to the right and select more.)
  • That’s it, now the Files app will switch to VLC/MX player app on iOS devices and start playing the video.

Final Verdict on How to Watch Downloaded Movies on Telegram

Telegram as a messenger app has provided its users with many good features especially this amazing feature to download movies right from the app, which has saved many from the hectic process of finding their favorite movie online. 

Therefore, follow these amazing yet simple solutions on how to watch downloaded movies in Telegram, and start binge-watching your favorite TV shows and Movie titles today.

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