Combination of Machine & Human Intelligence

A dedicated team of security experts help you find, map and fix real security vulnerabilities and securely craft your upcoming product updates.

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Our Commitment

A team of committed security professionals actively monitors and audits the critical endpoints of your application to respond to all trending risks in the market.

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Regular Assessements

The security team helps you understand, prioritize and address every vulnerability so that you can build a secure architecture for your upcoming releases.

Experts Available

Avail experts within the dashboard for help by raising
custom requests of specific vulnerabilities to understand or
fix them.

Cloud Scanner

An intelligent cloud-based scanner accessible with boundless usage for web, iOS & android apps, keeps your application's architecture secure.

Uniquely Designed Dashboard

Redesigned our dashboard with smart features for efficient communication among security-professionals, machine learning and automated security scanner to experience a hassle-free assessment process.

Better way to monitor Zero-Days

Our cloud-powered tools constantly monitor the technologies, libraries, and services your application runs on, to combat any upcoming zero-day exploits. In addition, the security team manually tracks the updates in these technologies to identify any zero-day or insecure implementation. It doesn’t stop there; we also provide you with hotfixes or temporary workarounds until an official fix is released.

  • Realtime Monitoring
  • Active Notification & Support
  • Hotfixes Ready

What exactly do we do?

Our hybrid approach is carefully designed to meet modern organizations’ information security needs through intensive vulnerability assessments and penetration tests at regular intervals and shaping the secure architecture in preparation for product updates. Unlike any other organization, our dashboard puts your team in control, able to interact directly with our security experts while monitoring the audit progress in real-time.

How long are contracts generally opted for?

Contracts may be one-time or for the longer term. A typical one-time audit averages between 4 and 6 weeks, though the actual time depends on the size and complexity of the target application(s). Additional contractual requirements can vary this timescale further.

Term contracts generally run for three months or six months, are extendable, and involve multiple audits by a team of dedicated security experts.

How much does it generally cost?

The cost of a security audit depends entirely on the size, complexity and functionality of the application. A one-time engagements typically ranges between $5,000 and $30,000; longer term contacts start from $70,000.