Managed Application Security Services

What does it cost?

Cost of security audits are completely determined by size, depth and functionalities featured by the target application(s) which are internally classified as complexity of an application. While the general range is between $5000 - $30,000, these figures are highly variable.

How long does it take?

A typical audit takes anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks. However, the time-range is coherent to the size and depth of the target application(s) which may further vary depending on additional contractual requirements for the project.

What exactly do I get?

Expert-driven manual audit of complete application, in-depth review of vulnerabilities identified by cross-examination 1000+ security vectors against every specific endpoint/module/sub-module, manual evaluation of each specific endpoint & functionality, actionable reports with top industrial recommendations and benchmarks.

Scale Up Your Applications' Security

SecurityEscape delivers enterprise-grade and cross-platform managed security solutions that are focused towards catering needs of your brand protection from constantly emerging security risks and increasingly sophisticated modern threats. Dedicated towards reducing cost and time, our services can enable you to get secure, efficient and sustainable vulnerability assessments and remediation, expert-driven penetration tests and end-to-end protection.

SecurityEscape utilizes its powerful SaaS-based vulnerability management system for effective collaboration of managed security services, enabling organizations to get realtime and result-driven reports with actionable insights and enterprise-class scalability.

Modern Approach

Advanced multidimensional takeover for ever-growing, highly sophisticated applications leveraging pile of webservices, APIs and SPAs needing beyond good ol’ solutions.

Hassle-free Management

Eliminating traditional on-site and email communication barrier which accelerates organizations to focus only on managing security incidents being alerted in real-time

Actionable Insights

Actionable reports providing unparalleled visibility with industrial recommendations and benchmarks helping DevOps to take decisive actions against identified threats.

Dedicated Support

Get one-tap expert technical support within the dashboard. Expert intervention into the discussion board removing communication-gap and syncing with your DevOps team.