Is One-time Payment for a VPN still Legitimate in 2022?

one-time payment for a VPN
One-time payment for a VPN

Want to protect your privacy while you are online? Well, I will suggest you get a VPN right away because VPNs are the best warriors out there to protect your online privacy by camouflaging your real IP address and encrypting your data. But what if you don’t want to pay regularly and found a VPN that offers one-time payment for VPN service? Is one-time payment for a VPN or say lifetime subscription for a VPN still legitimate in 2022?

Frankly, you are not alone because many people see this type of announcement made by some VPN companies and then get summoned by it. So, to clear out your confusion, I will be providing a legitimate answer on the topic “Is one-time payment for a VPN still legitimate in 2022?” along with some reasons to back it up.

What is a VPN Service?

VPN which is the short-abbreviated version of Virtual Private Network is a type of software that is used to protect your online privacy by acting as a middle man between you and your destination server.

It works by encrypting your data while you send or receive any data from the internet so that your ISP can’t pry upon you. If I put it in a simple way, it routes your entire traffic on its server which is encrypted, and then decrypts your data only when it has reached the destination source, thus saving you from the spying eyes of your ISP or government entity.

Not only that, a VPN will help you bypass the geo-restricted websites and streaming apps, which will help you gain full freedom of the internet.

Is One-time Payment for a VPN still Legitimate in 2022?

No, one-time payments of VPNs were not legitimate back then, nor are they now, and in order to back my answer, I will be providing a few reasoning for the same.

#1. You won’t get the worth for your money:

So, imagine you got that lifetime deal of a VPN service and saved some bucks for yourself, by investing a lump sum amount of money in one go, but now what? Is the money spent on that particular VPN worthy? 

I mean yeah, you now don’t have to pay them for a lifetime, but what about the quality of service? It won’t be as good as a premium VPN service. 

Plus, a VPN company needs funds to keep up the R&D work and create new innovative options for you. Also, it needs money for its maintenance, up-keeping charges, upgrading security protocols, and yes to pay out salaries to its employees.

So, do you think a VPN company with a one-time payment policy will be able to provide you with your money’s worth? 

The answer is a big no, you know it, and I know it, that they can never provide worthy service for that one-time payment.

Therefore, if you ever come across such schemes, better run away from them because they are meant for suckers and such users will only use it once and then forget it completely.

#2. What does “lifetime” really mean?

Okay, this one is really interesting. So, before I keep my point in front of you, just answer this simple question “What does lifetime offer really mean?” Does it mean that the VPN service you are opting for will serve you until your death? If your answer is yes, then my friend you will be disappointed because it depends upon the life of a VPN company, and not yours.

So, if you invest your hard-earned money in such one-time payment VPN services, there is no solid proof of how long the company will survive and yes, your money will fall into the non-refundable category according to their hidden terms.

#3. They usually con users:

Have you ever heard of the Ponzi scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is a type of scheme carried out to pay out the existing investors by bringing in new investors, that is you, the user. 

So, similar to the Ponzi scheme these one-time payment types of VPN services carry out their businesses in the same way. It offers users a lifetime of VPN service and cashes out their one-time investment in the operations or to the investors, and when there is very little fund left, they just disappear from the market with the leftover money.

Thus, leaving the user in darkness and confused state regarding the service and their money.

#4. Unreliable service:

Customer service and feedback are some of the greatest weapons of sales. So, for instance, if you call up your service provider, complain about some problem and then he fixes it instantly, will you ever have second thoughts about changing the service? No, right?

In the same way, if you call up your service provider and tell him that you ain’t happy with their service and are having second thoughts about changing the provider, and then he throws to offer a free service or a better deal. Will you still change the service? No, right?

Thus, better customer service and feedback are the backbones of any service provider. But that is not the case with these one-time payment VPN providers.

Generally, they don’t even care if you drop down their service and hop on to another provider, because for them it is a kind of relief as they now have to tackle one less speed bogging issue.

Yes, these lifetime VPN providers don’t have enough money to make investments on different servers, which results in bogging server speed. And therefore, you can’t really rely on them. Plus, they won’t return your money no matter what.

#5. Can it survive the constant technical change?

We all use VPN services to block those geo-restrictions that are either imposed by the government or streaming services like Netflix. Now, to overcome these bypassing methods and block them, government entities and Netflix seem to work on their security services every now and then.

Thus, a VPN provider needs to be ahead of all the upcoming security measures, but it is only possible if VPN companies are having regular funds to bring new features, and that is not the case with these lifetime VPN providers as they are short of funds.

Therefore, you will be left with no choice but to migrate to another paid premium VPN service like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, or NordVPN for better technological enhancements like Split tunneling and Dedicated IP servers.

#6. It costs your privacy:

We all have heard this saying “Not everything that is free is really free”, and the same goes with these one-time payment VPN providers. 

These VPN providers spoof you into thinking that they are providing their services to you, without charging you a penny in the future. But that’s not the case, if you are using their services, it is costing you your privacy and data. 

Yes! Like many social media platforms, these types of VPN services tend to collect your data and sell it to either advertising firms or government entities like the FBI, and the biggest example of this incident is PureVPN which offered its user a lifetime VPN service and then handed over their user data to FBI.

#7. It is a third-party reseller:

These kinds of lifetime schemes seem promising as we think that they are coming from a legitimate VPN provider and yes, it is sometimes true because many companies like NordVPN and Windscribe have provided a lifetime VPN service to their users, but just for a limited time.

Although, sometimes they are just third-party resellers camouflaged as reputable providers. Thus, it is nothing but just a scam because if that reputable company is not able to provide that kind of commitment themselves, then how can these resellers?

#8: Do you really want to get hitched with a company for life?

I know my reasonings are turning into an interrogation session, but frankly ask yourself this question, “Do you really want to get hitched with that company for life?”

No, right? So, don’t fall into this lifetime offer trap, because no one likes to be left behind as technology advances.

What VPN service should I use then?

After this long discussion if you are still confused about what VPN service you should use, then I would recommend you a premium and authentic VPN service, which will not only provide you premium features but is also worth every penny you pay. 

Still, for your better understanding just look out for these features while buying a VPN service.

  • Has Split tunneling feature.
  • Has AES 256-bit encryption. 
  • Has Dedicated IP address.
  • Has Obfuscated servers.
  • Has Kill Switch.
  • Has excellent customer service.
  • Is light on the pocket.
  • Has Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Has Unlimited user access.

Is Free VPN service worth it?

Yes, some of these free VPN services are worth trying out. Although these free VPN servers have their own limitations like limited speed, limited bandwidth, and limited servers.  

Final Remarks on “One-time payment for a VPN

A VPN service is like a savior to all, who are keen to protect their data and online activity from ISP’s and Government entities. Similarly, the cost of these premium VPN servers is high according to their service and feature. So, people tend to migrate over the cheap as well as one-time payment type of VPN services.

Although, moving to such a lifetime VPN service is not an intelligent bet, as they have their own set of limitations and problems. Therefore, it is better to move far away from them.

And thus, to make you understand, this was my answer to this most searched question “Is one-time payment for a VPN still legitimate in 2022?” Hopefully, it has helped you gain clarity over the types of problems that comes bundled up with these types of VPN service.