Mission Control for Application Security

Our dashboard lets you scan apps and manage internal & external reports from 3rd party vendors with seamless integrations.

Designed Unique for Web, iOS & Android

Dedicated interfaces and seamless version control for cross-platform applications including Web, Android, and iOS.

Priorities On Top

Shrewd dashboard interface directs user towards critical security updates, delivering distraction-free results in a carefully aligned segmented view.

Better Communication

Comment boards are just one of the features that allow effective collaboration between team-mates on each individual security alert and assign deadlines based on threat severity level.

Inbuilt Scanner

Real-time cloud-based scanner helps you identify standard vulnerabilities in sync with the development process, analyzing the configuration before publishing on the production server.

  • Smart Management

    Manage cross-platform security threats from all sources on a single dashboard. Practical insights allow decisive actions against identified threats.

  • Team Collaboration

    Dashboard is designed to boost collaboration, allowing team members to be added, roles to be defined, and open security alerts to be assigned.

  • Experts Available on Demand

    Availability of one-tap expert technical support for every security alert within the discussion-board section means you can understand and effectively address vulnerabilities with expert intervention.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Make the dashboard part of your native development environment by integrating tools like GitHub, Asana or even Slack, for a seamless experience across all environments.