Putlocker2- Watch Free HD Movies TV Shows Online (2021)


Watching movies is great fun. But it is not easy to find websites that offer to stream and watch free HD movies and TV shows online like Putlocker2.

Putlocker2 is no longer working but don’t worry I have a better solution for this problem.

You can still stream and watch free HD movies and TV shows online.

In this blog post, I have mentioned the top 5 alternatives of Putlocker2.

Check out these alternatives below.


  • Open these websites into Incognito mode.
  • Reset your Internet connection if still not working.
  • You might be redirected to other extensions.
  • Few links mentioned in this blog may not work because Google regularly blacklist these websites as they are not legal.
  • Do not click or signup the ads.
  • Use VPN to keep your data safe and secure.


Here are the top 5 alternatives of Putlocker2. You can watch HD movies and TV shows online for free on these websites.

  1. Onionplay .co Or Onionplay .uk
  2. Gomovies .work
  3. 123movies .page or 123movies .vu
  4. Moviesjoy .to
  5. Vmovee .watch

Onionplay. co (1st Alternative of Putlocker2)

This website is my top recommendation because of its easy-to-use interface.

The website may redirect you to other extensions like “Onionplay .uk”.

But you’ll see the interface like this

Onionplay the alternative of putlocker
Onionplay watch HD movie online

You may need to click multiple times to start the movie because the page may redirect you to the other pages or ads.

The best part of this website is it doesn’t contain a lot of ads.

Gomovies. work (2nd Alternative of Putlocker2)

Gomovies might be a good choice if you want to watch free HD movies online.

As soon as the user lands on the homepage this website bombards them with a lot of ads that may irritate you.

The Interface of Gomovies looks like this


After a few clicks, you’ll be able to watch the movie.

The ads may also interrupt you during the movie.

You can start the movie by clicking the block on the right side.

Gomovies Movie player
Gomovies movie Player

You can watch the movie on Fullscreen and change the Video quality.

123movies .page (3rd Alternative of Putlocker2)

You might be redirected to “123movies .vu”.

The 123movies .vu looks like this


Now Click on “Go to 123movies .vu”

And you will be taken at the Homepage of 123movies that looks like this

123movies Homepage
123movies homepage

Here you can search and find the movies of your choice.

After a few clicks, you’ll be able to watch the movie.

The player interface looks like this

123movies movie player
123movies movie player

Enjoy the movie.

Moviesjoy .to (4th Alternative of Putlocker2)

Moviesjoy is also a good choice for watching or streaming HD movies online for free.

This website is not as good as Putlocker2 but works well.

The major problem with Moviesjoy is an advertisement.

Sometimes you can’t even skip the ads that are irritating.

The Homepage of the website looks like this


This website contains a balanced amount of ads.

You can start watching movies just after a few clicks.

Player Interface looks like this

Moviesjoy Movie Player
Moviesjoy Movie Player

Vmovee .watch (5th Alternative of Putlocker2)

You can also watch Free HD movies and TV shows online on Vmovee. I rarely recommend this website for streaming movies or TV shows.

Because This website often remains down. But you can try this website also.

Final Words

The websites mentioned above are not legal because selling or Distribution of pirated content without the owner’s permission is not allowed.

Google bans or blacklists such types of websites on the regular basis.

You can use Netflix to avoid such problems.

But you can watch Free HD movies and TV shows online until Google Blacklists them.

These Websites are the best alternative to Putlocker2. Enjoy the free HD movies online.

Notice:- This blog post is only for information purposes. We do not support to use of pirated content or misuse of someone’s Intellectual property.