Frequently Asked Questions

What is Startup Program?

Startup Program is an initiative to help startup developers scale their applications’ security. Under this program, eligible startups can claim a range of perks including:

- 12 months of free subscription credits for our cloud-based security scanner.

- 12 months of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing solutions.

- 12 months of access to the SecurityEscape real-time security management dashboard.

- Select startups can also get subscription benefits from our partner organizations.

Who should apply for this program?

This program is designed to empower startups by helping them to establish a sense of security right from the beginning of their product development process. This initiative also contributes to raising awareness among entrepreneurs of the importance of information security. Bootstrapped startups that are passionate about building secure applications can enroll in startup program.

Is there any type of charge applicable?

There is no charge, as the sole motive behind this program is to aid startups by reducing the costs of security solutions (and a range of other benefits) to zero.

Why is SecurityEscape doing this?

SecurityEscape realizes the struggles faced by startup developers and entrepreneurs. Our aim is always to empower young and startup organizations. The motive behind this program is to provide organizations with easy access to effective information security solutions. After a year-long dedicated research into this section of the industry, we could not ignore the fact that many organizations with solid potential had suffered immense damage as a result of obsolete security compliance. An initiative like startup program can promote innovation and information security at the same time.

How to apply?

Startups that meet our eligibility criteria can submit a form containing the required details. Submissions will be evaluated, and qualifying applicants will receive email confirmation.

How will our partners benefit you?

Our technology partners will provide their resources as credits for you to use their platform and harden your application security.

What is the evaluation process and how long does it take?

Our evaluation is only to ensure that you match our eligibility criteria. It takes around two weeks for us to evaluate your application and get back to you.

Can I transfer my credits?

No. The startup program credits are allotted to you to help you enhance your application’s security and are not transferable.

What happens after one-year of free credits?

We constantly strive to extend more possibilities to you, but your subscription ends when your credits have been used up.

What happens if I don’t redeem the free credits?

Upon qualification for our program, you will receive an email confirmation detailing the credits and providing the login credentials. These credits must be redeemed within one month of the date of the email, or they will be cancelled.

How many applications can I add using my free credits?

You can add up to 3 applications to our security dashboard using your free credits.