39 Best hidden Android Phone Hacks & Tricks 2022 You’re probably not using

what are some hidden Android phone hacks
what are some hidden Android phone hacks

Android is one of the most loved and used operating systems around the world. As the years have passed, it has upgraded itself into a beast that is packed with a whole lot of features. But can you guess what are some hidden Android phone hacks that can make your Android smartphone experience more subtle and worthy?


Then my friend, just fasten your seat belts and get ready to discover some of the coolest hidden Android hacks which will surely help you in becoming an Android power user.


What are some hidden Android phone hacks?

Some of the coolest hidden Android phone hacks are as follows:

Enable Monochrome Mode for less distraction:

Are you getting distracted every second by watching those really colorful app icons and notification bubbles?

Well, then try turning on the “Monochrome Mode”, usually available inside the Developers mode, and notice your screen go from colorful to monochromatic (black and white), which is in fact less distracting and very boring.

Get most of your Android phone by enabling the Developers option:

If you haven’t turned on the “Developers option” on your Android smartphone yet, then you are probably missing some of the huge tweaks that you can initiate on your phone. Moreover, you can also enable Force GPU rendering to enhance your phone’s GPU performance.

Force Dark Mode on every app:

So, everyone is going gaga over the dark mode, but some android apps are still not fully optimized for it. Therefore, it is better to enable the “Force Dark Mode” or “Override Force Dark” option by accessing the “Developers option” and see how every non-dark mode app, turns into a dark one.

Use notification history or notification log to revive notifications:

Has this ever happened to you, that you got a notification and you swiped it out by mistake?

Don’t worry, because if you own an Android device that runs on Android 11 or above, then you can easily retrieve that lost notification in just a tap. 

All you need to do is access Settings > Apps and notifications > Notifications > Notification History and then slide the toggle to ON. Now just tap on the “History” in the “Notification History” menu to see what you missed.

Use the “Find my device” feature to find your lost phone:

This is another helpful feature that can help you to find your lost Android phone. Just enable the “Find My Device” option on your Android device, and then simply use your browser to type in “Find my Device“, and snap, it will start locating your phone and give you the exact location. You can also try to Erase it remotely, by tapping on the “Erase” option.

Note: You can also use this hidden feature to find your phone, if you have misplaced it somewhere. Just access Find my Device on your computer or any other mobile device, and then click on the “Ring” option.

Tweak your android’s power button as app shortcuts:

Did you know that you can also use your power button to open the app of your choice?

Well, it is true. You can easily tweak your Android’s power button, to open any app or feature. For Instance, when I double press the power button continuously on my Android phone, the camera app opens up.

Use Google assistant instead of Shazam:

Shazam, a very known music recognition app is used by most party animals around the world so that they can easily figure out which song is playing at the party. But, did you know that you can easily accomplish this task just by using your Google Assistant?

Well, you definitely can, and for that just activate the Google Assistant by giving out the voice command “Hey Google” or by long-pressing the home button (which is by default the Google Assistant button), and then give it a command “Which song is this” or tap on “Search for the song”, and within few minutes you will see the results on your screen.

Get more flexibility with GBoard:

Many stock Android phones come with a Google keyboard, and guess what, you can easily customize it in the way you like. For instance, by long-pressing the enter button you can reduce the size of the keyboard for one-hand use. Or you can gain full control of the keyboard by just tapping on the vertical three-dot menu.

Moreover, you can take pictures of yourself to create personalized stickers, which can be used on any social media site.

So, if you haven’t made that shift on GBoard, better do it now.

Turn on the Airplane mode for fast charging:

Fast charging is one of the most booming features that comes packed with the newest smartphones. But what if you are still running on an older smartphone that has no fast-charging support? Well, try switching your android phone to airplane mode, so that it stops searching for networks and Wi-Fi constantly, resulting in lower charging time.

Similarly, if you are having network connectivity issues, then simply turn on the airplane mode and turn it off again, so that your phone can easily connect to the nearest cell tower for better and stronger network connectivity.

Use offline maps when you are low on battery:

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to navigate to a different place using Google Maps and suddenly your phone showed a low battery that forced you to turn off the Maps? 

Worry no more, because you can now easily download the offline map that can help you to navigate to your favorite destination without sacrificing your battery to a great extent.

Triple tap to Zoom in/out the screen:

If you are someone who has weak eyesight, then you can enable the “Magnification” option, and then triple-tap on the screen to Zoom it in entirely. You can also drag two or more fingers across the screen to “Pan.” Similarly, pinch two or more fingers together or spread them apart to “Adjust the zoom level.

Speed up your phone by changing the animation speed:

If you are using an old Android phone and if it has lost its snappiness, then you can access the “Developers options”, and easily change the animation speed of your smartphone to fasten its reaction time. Generally, it is set at 1x speed, but you can easily lower it to 0.5x or even turn off the animation by tapping on “Animation off” option. 

Use the two-finger swipe down action to open the “Quick Settings” menu:

Annoyed of swiping down the notification bar two times in a row to access the “Quick Settings” menu?

Then, try swiping down the notification bar with your two fingers to swipe it down instantly.

Don’t ignore the “Do not Disturb” mode:

Do not disturb” mode is one of the most underrated features on an Android smartphone, that helps a user to block all non-urgent notifications and calls for a fixed period of time. Moreover, you can also get more control over the “Do not disturb” mode by installing an application and then tweaking the settings accordingly.

Double-tap and slide to zoom-in your Google maps:

If you are tired of double-tapping the Google maps to zoom in, then try double-tapping once and then sliding your fingers up & down. 

Let Google Assistant hold the call for you:

Waiting for someone to reconnect while you are on hold can be sometimes frustrating, but hey, now you don’t need to stress yourself anymore, because Google Assistant can hold calls for you.

Simply tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, and choose “Hold for me.” The assistant will now hold calls for you, and when someone finally answers, it will alert you with a notification bell along with a transcript of anything that was said during the call.

Pin the chat bubbles and save your time.

Many a time, we have someone in our life with whom we chat daily, but it is equally time-consuming and annoying to go inside the app every time and scroll through the chats to find it.

So, to lessen the burden and save your time, you can simply pin that chat bubble on your home screen.

Enable one-handed mode:

Android smartphones are getting better and better as time is passing by. With that said, the screens are also becoming humongous in size, which is making easy handling a great task.

Therefore, it is better to enable the one-handed mode option from your Android’s “Advance feature” to get a small screen that enables easy access.

Enable game mode for pro-level gaming experience:

If you are a gamer and want to boost your Android gaming performance, then I suggest you enable the “Game Mode” feature from the settings menu. This feature will not only boost your androids GPU performance but will keep the annoying notifications and calls at bay.

Dial last contact by pressing the dialler button:

Want to place an instant call to the last dialed contact number without accessing the recent call list?

Well, then just tap on the dialler button, and boom, you will be able to see the last dialed number on the dial pad instantly. 

Ditch the physical measuring tape and embrace your smartphone:

Ditch the orthodox measuring tape and install a measuring tape app, that will let you measure the length of the objects in front of you with the help of your Android camera.

Secretly listen to your WhatsApp voice note or audio files:

Imagine this scenario, you are surrounded by your family members with no earphones or headphones and suddenly you get a WhatsApp voice note from your girlfriend, but can’t listen to it in front of them. What will you do? 

Well, don’t worry, and just play your voice note inside WhatsApp, and then instantly place your phone near your ear, as if you are talking over a call. You will be able to hear everything on that voice note through the rear speaker of your Android phone. 

Now, you will ask, “how did it happen?

So, when you play the voice note and instantly place it near your ear, the proximity sensor detects the gesture, and then plays it on the rear speaker. However, don’t remove it in the midway, or else it will pause automatically.

Enable System UI tuner:

Stock android gives you an option to unlock the System UI tuner option so that you can change the Quick Access buttons according to your choice. 

So, if you want to try it out just swipe down the notification bar > long press on the Cogwheel symbol (which represents system settings) > the wheel will start to rotate > lastly, the System UI tuner will be unlocked. Now, you can easily customize the Quick Access buttons accordingly.

Flip the phone to silence it:

Many Android phones have this hidden feature that enables a user to instantly silence a call by just flipping it over the screen. Therefore, if you own an Android phone, you can easily enable this option by navigating to the settings menu and then enabling the “Flip to Silent” feature.

Enable smart alert:

If you want to get notified of a missed call or unread message whenever you pick up your phone, then try enabling the “Smart Alert” feature, which will force your phone to vibrate when you try to pick it up.

Pick/reject calls by single tapping on the icons.

It is a basic thing that an Android user needs to swipe left or right to accept/reject a call, which sometimes seems impossible when the hands of a user are wet.

Therefore, to make it convenient for the users, there is a hidden hack inside most android smartphones called “Single Tap Mode”, that enables a user to respond to calls and alarms with a single tap.  

Swipe easily between tabs on Chrome:

You don’t need to tap on the Chrome tabs to change them, instead, an easy swipe gesture will let you toggle between the tabs.

Instantly drag and drop the text from Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on Android, but did you know, that you can easily drag and drop the text from chrome to the other app? Well, just switch to the dual-screen or split-screen mode, and then start dragging and dropping texts from your chrome browser to another app.

For instance, I can easily send a part of an article to my WhatsApp contact just by selecting it and then dragging-dropping it on WhatsApp.

Force all webpages into dark mode using Chrome flags:

If you want to enable the dark mode on all of the webpages, to save battery, then you can simply access “Chrome flags” by entering the keyword “chrome://flags” inside the URL box, and then enable the “Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents” option.  

Double tapping on the “Recents” button to make an instant switch between apps:

If you are someone who is constantly multitasking on your Android phone, then you can easily and instantly switch between apps by double-tapping on the “Recents” button.

Find your favorite route in Incognito mode:

Ever felt like using Google Maps in such a way that it does not store your location history and maps history on the app?

Well, then try using the Incognito mode that will instantly give you secret access to Google Maps.

To access the Incognito Mode on Maps, simply tap on your profile icon, and then tap on the “Turn on Incognito mode” option.

Scan and turn the document into a PDF using Google Drive:

Now, you don’t need to install an external document scanner app for your Android phone, as it can be easily done with the help of Google Drive. Yes, you heard it right, just open the Google Drive app, tap on the “+” icon, and then select “Scan.” Now, the Camera app will open up, so capture the picture and click on “OK” to convert it to PDF. 

Let Google Assistant read out articles for you:

Bored of reading the article by yourself?

Then give your very own Google Assistance a chance to read out loud for you. Simply visit the webpage that you want to read and then open the Assistant. Now, say “Hey Google, can you read the article for me?” and voila, it will instantly start narrating the entire article for you. Moreover, you can also change the speed of the narration by clicking on the “Speed” option.

Let Google Lens search things for you:

Google Lens is one of the smartest AI-based technology that enables android users to search for whatever they want in real-time. So, why are you still stuck up on the manual Google search option? Just open the Google Lens app, point your camera towards the thing that you need to search for, and get accurate results instantly. 

Use the “Pin Screen” feature while handing your phone to your child:

If you are someone who hands over the phone to your child but is worried about your child accessing the other apps without your permission?

Then, the “Pin Screen” feature is for you. A “Pin Screen” feature on Android lets a user lock an app to the device screen, and restricts access to the other features and apps. 

Note: You can only exit this mode if you try to unlock the screen again. 

Use your camera’s Pro mode:

Many Android users are unaware of this built-in feature inside the native camera app that lets them utilize their Android camera to its full potential.

Therefore, the next time you want to click some amazing photos on your Android smartphone, then simply open your Camera app, find the “Pro mode” feature, and start capturing photos.

Use Gridlines to capture amazing photos: 

Another cool hidden hack that will surely help you in capturing perfectly aligned photos is by enabling the “Grid Lines” feature, which will create two horizontal and two vertical lines on the screen, that will help you to place the object of focus correctly.

Hide your files without any app:

So, many of us carry some kind of important file on our phone, that we wish remains away from everyone’s eye, and therefore, we download some of the file locking apps on our Android phones.

However, what if I told you that you can easily hide your files without installing any app?

Sounds impossible right?

Actually, it’s not, because you simply need to change the extension of the file to something random.

For instance, I have a file named “resume.pdf” and I don’t want anyone to access it. So, what I will do is change the “.pdf” extension to “.xyz.” Thus, the file will be hidden or will remain inaccessible, unless the extension is changed to “.pdf” again.  

Similarly, if you add a “.” in front of the file’s name, then it will hide that file right away.

Final Remarks on “what are some hidden android phone hacks?”

Android is packed with a lot of powerful features inside it, but unfortunately not every user can access it, as they are hidden.

Therefore, to help you with the same, these were some of the best-hidden android hacks, that will not only help you to accomplish certain tasks but will also help you to become an android power user in no time.