What is the WhatsApp Group Chat Max Members Limit (Complete Information)

what is the WhatsApp group chat max members limit
What is the WhatsApp group chat max members limit

If you are a WhatsApp user, then you must be familiar with WhatsApp group chats that allow a user to initiate a group chat with his/her beloved ones. WhatsApp group chats can also prove to be a better option whenever you need to carry out any group discussion or sharing of media files with a bunch of people at the same time. But there is always a downside to every good thing, and here in this case for WhatsApp group chat, it is the group member limitations, which only allows a certain number of people to be added to a group chat. So, what is the WhatsApp group chat max members limit?

Well, let’s find out!

What is the WhatsApp group chat max members limit?

The latest maximum limit for WhatsApp group chat members is 256 (excluding you). So, if we total it up, it will be 257 members in a single WhatsApp group chat.

But wait! Do you want to add some more amigos to your WhatsApp group chat?

Then there is an official as well as an unofficial way to add more than 256 members to your WhatsApp group chat.

So, if you want to get a detailed step-by-step procedure for the same, then follow the article till the end.

Increase your WhatsApp group chat members – The Official Way:

If you are a WhatsApp user and run a WhatsApp group chat of your own, then you can easily bypass the set limit of 256 members officially by creating an “Invitation Link” using the “Invite via link” option that is available inside the group info section.

Moreover, to make it much easier for you to navigate through this fantastic feature, I am jotting a complete step-by-step tutorial below.

Steps to create an “Invitation Link” on WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp on your device.
  • Scroll to find your group.
  • Tap on it to open.
  • Then tap on the group icon or group name to open up the “Group Info” section.
Open Group Info Section
Open Group Info Section
  • Alternatively, you can also click on the “three vertical dots” to open up a menu, and then tap on “Group Info.”
Click on Three Vertical Dots
Click on Three Vertical Dots
Click on Group Info
Click on Group Info
  • Now, scroll down to find the “Invite via link” option.
Find Invite via Link Option
Find Invite via Link Option
  • Tap on it.
  • Lastly, you can either tap on the “Send link via WhatsApp”, “Copy link“, “Share link“, or “QR Code” option to share the Invitation link.
Select Your Sharing Option
Select Your Sharing Option
  • If the link is not working or you want to abort the previous link, then you can simply reset it by tapping on the “Reset link” option.

Note: By using this method, you can easily add up to 3000 members inside a group chat.

Increase your WhatsApp group chat members – The Unofficial Way:

Now, if you want to add more than 3000 members to your WhatsApp group, then you can use the “Unofficial Way” that can help you tweak your WhatsApp file.

But remember, this method requires your Android phone to be rooted, which is again not a trustworthy method. 

So, if you are ready to face the consequences i.e., nullify the security and warranty of your phone, then you can move forward with this method.

Steps to tweak your WhatsApp using the rooted method:

Step 1: Root your Android phone:

Firstly, you need to “Root” your Android phone using a trusted root authority app. I am not recommending any of the apps here, so you can just look it up on Google or YouTube along with the steps to initiate the process.

Step 2: Accessing and editing the WhatsApp program file:

  • Download and Install ES file explorer.
  • Now, open the ES file explorer and tap on “Menu” from the top left corner of the app.
  • Then, enable “Root Explorer.”
  • After that, open the following directory and edit the “com.WhatsApp_Prefer file.”

 Path of Directory: data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/

  • Now, open the “com.whatsapp.prefer” in edit mode. 
  • Tap the “More” option that is at the bottom.
  • Then, tap on “Properties.”
  • Change and enable all the permissions.
  • Then tap “OK.”
  • Now open the files and search for “participants_size_limit.”
  • The official value is set to “257” by default. So, change it to your preferred value.
  • Lastly, tap on “Save.”

Step 3: Restarting WhatsApp:

  • Open the “Settings” menu.
  • Now, tap on “Apps.”
  • Then, tap on “WhatsApp.”
  • Tap on “Force Stop” to restart your WhatsApp.
  • Lastly, open up your WhatsApp normally and enjoy the increased limit of group members.

You can also use some unofficial WhatsApp apps, to add more members to your WhatsApp group. But remember, you can get banned by WhatsApp if they detect this violating activity. Therefore, try installing third-party Unofficial WhatsApp at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions on WhatsApp group chat limit:

What was the previous WhatsApp group chat limit?

Previously it was only limited to 100 members per group. But, after the recent update, the number was promoted to 257 (including the admin).

Can I add people to a group without the authority of the admin?

No, you can’t add people into a WhatsApp group without the authority of the admin. Although, you can either request the admin to promote you as an admin, or share an invite link to the group if you want to add members from your contact list.

Can I initiate a group video/voice call using WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp allows its users to initiate a group video/voice call on its platform.

How many people can I add to a group video/voice call?

After the latest WhatsApp update, you can easily add up to 8 people in a group video/voice call.

Who can create a group chat on WhatsApp?

Anybody who is an active WhatsApp user can create a new WhatsApp group chat. However, only the admin has the advantage of adding/removing people, inviting them, and tweaking the group settings.

Final Remarks on “what is the WhatsApp group chat max members limit?”

After this brief discussion, it is very much clear that one can only add up to 256 members in a WhatsApp group. However, the “Invite via link” feature is a great and official way to add up some more people to your WhatsApp group. 

But, if you are a tech-savvy person, then you can edit the WhatsApp file using ES File Explorer, and increase the official number from 256 to any value of your choice.