Which VPN is Good to Use for Work from Home

VPN to Use for Working From Home
VPN to Use for Working From Home

After the pandemic, it is observed a huge spike in the number of employees working from home. But it is not safe enough to share sensitive and confidential data over private and Wi-Fi networks. Here VPN comes into the picture but “Which VPN is good to use for Work from Home?”

Companies never want their data to be breached and security to be compromised by hackers. This is the major issue that companies are facing nowadays. It is obvious that working from home is required for the security of health and a VPN is required for the security of sensitive data.

How to Choose a VPN for Work from Home?

If you are planning to subscribe to a VPN service, there are a few points you should keep in your mind. These small points may help you a lot.

These are the crucial points and should be taken into consideration before subscribing to a VPN service for Work from Home.

  • Strict No-Log Policy
  • Consistent speed
  • Easy Interface and Configuration
  • Good Technical and Customer Support
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Reliable Connection
  • Large Network of Servers
  • Third Party Audit
  • Affordable

Strict No-Log Policy

Strict No-Log Policy indicates that the VPN provider is taking any backup of your private data.

The VPN provider must clarify this aspect in their documentation. The strict No-Log policy is like a guarantee to the user that his data can’t be misused.

The top VPN services like Express VPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark VPN follow strict No-Log Policy.

Consistent Speed

If you are working remotely, it is important to have a connection that provides a consistent speed.

The speed consistency of a VPN service depends on the quality of the hardware of the server, Traffic through the server, Bandwidth, capability, and the location of the servers.

The servers with high-quality hardware, large bandwidth, the capability of handling huge traffic, and being located at the correct place provide consistent speed.

Easy Interface and Configuration

The VPN application interface should be user-friendly and easy. The user-friendly interface gives confidence to the user to understand the functionalities and use them accordingly.

The configuration settings should be visible with their consequences. A user-friendly configuration setting helps users to change the settings according to the requirements.

Good Technical and Customer Support

The response time of the customer support executive should be very low. Responsive customer support is highly preferred.

The immediate technical assistance can deliver a lot. The technical team should be well-trained and professional.

It is usual to face technical glitches during working from home and a responsive technical team can provide immediate support.

So it is very important to choose a VPN with highly responsive technical support.

Military Grade Encryption

The 256-Bit Encryption rate is known as Military-grade Encryption. It is almost impossible to breach the data encrypted at this level.

It is super-secure to have a data encryption rate above military-grade. A very few VPN services provide data encryption at this rate.

Check out the Recommended VPNs following all these points by our Team.

Reliable Connection

The reliability of a VPN connection is decided by the Strict no-log Policy, Strong Encryption rate, and Report of third-party Audit.

It is important to check the reliability of a VPN connection before subscribing it.

The Highly reliable VPN services recommended by our team are Express VPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark VPN.

Large Network of Servers

This factor is not very important but can be considered to be helpful when working from home.

The large network of servers provides more capability of server switching which further helps to continuously change the virtual location.

The large network factor is extremely helpful when traveling abroad and working remotely. It is also helpful to play online games and streaming and watch movies.

Third-Party Audit

The third-party audit is a regular process followed by VPN service providers to increase the credibility of the VPN service.

It is an independent audit system conducted by a third party to cross-check the claims and reality of a VPN service.

They perform the complete audit and prepare a report which is very useful to confirm the credibility of the service.

We found the top 3 credible VPN services on the basis of the third-party audit report as Express VPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark VPN.


The affordability of a VPN service is a key factor to decide the selection of the service. Affordability is also conditional but it is important.

Our team has worked a lot to find out the best and affordable VPN services. On the basis of our research, we have categorized the VPN services into three categories.


We put Express VPN in this category because it is the most expensive but high-quality VPN service. This service supports all the points mentioned above.

We recommend Express VPN for those who are extra careful about their data security. This VPN service is highly recommended for the people who work for the banks and perform transactions on the regular basis.

Affordable Price Point

We recommend the Nord VPN which is a high-quality VPN service available at an affordable price point.

This service is recommended for those who want a good class of service and security at an average price.

The Nord VPN fulfills all the basic requirements for high-end security of the data.

Cheap VPN Service

Our recommendation for the best cheap VPN service is SurfShark VPN. We found this VPN service as one of the best VPN services in this class.

SurfShark fulfills all the basic requirements mentioned above and is also the best cheap VPN service for working from home.


Follow the points mentioned above to decide which VPN is good to use for working from home. It is really a time-consuming task to go through all the documents provided by different VPN services.

We have already done this work for you and mentioned it in this article. But if you want to read all the documents by yourself, use the links given above and read the documents carefully.

Our recommended VPN services are Express VPN, Nord VPN, SurfShark VPN.