Why Does My VPN Keeps Disconnecting on My Laptop (Reasons and Solutions)

Why Does My VPN Keeps Disconnecting on My Laptop
Why Does My VPN Keeps Disconnecting on My Laptop

Using a VPN service comes in handy when you are trying to gain full control and protection over your internet connection, but sometimes you would have seen a certain chopping of your VPN connection. And due to which you must have questioned yourself “Why does my VPN keeps disconnecting on my laptop?”

Don’t worry it is a common problem in most VPN services, and therefore try a VPN service that is not only premium but also works smoothly and without any disruption. 

And still, if the problem persists, don’t panic, because in this article I will be providing you with some reasons that are responsible for these frequent connection issues.

So, without any further ado, let’s try to reconnect it.

Why Does my VPN Keeps Disconnecting on My Laptop?

So, if your VPN keeps disconnecting on your laptop, you should always check whether your VPN can break the firewall or not. For example, most VPNs are not able to break the firewall of China. Secondly disable your Antivirus software for the moment, as it might be blocking your VPN connection. And still, if the problem is not resolved try going through the reasons mentioned below, that will ease you from this headache.

  • Check if your network connection is overcrowded

If you are connected to an internet connection that is overcrowded, then you may find your VPN disconnecting very often.

For example, if you are connected to public Wi-Fi in a mall or shop, then the network can certainly face overcrowding.

So, to avoid this issue, try to connect to a stable and less crowded internet connection, which will not only prevent your VPN connection to fall but also speed up your work.

  • Disable your firewall

If you have your firewall enabled, then that could be another reason for your VPN to drop its connection frequently.

So, try disabling it and if it works pretty well, then add your VPN into the safe app list by accessing the firewall settings.

  • It could be your antivirus

Yes, you read it right! Your antivirus can be another reason, that your VPN connection is failing or disconnecting from time to time. 

VPNs are usually not comfortable with other apps, and like firewalls, antivirus software can also block your VPN software by tagging it as an unsafe app. 

So, to keep your VPN connection from disconnecting, disable your Antivirus software temporarily. And if it works, then again add your VPN to the safe list on your Antivirus settings.

  • Sleep mode enabled on your mobile

Some of the mobile devices tend to put some apps into sleep mode when Sleep Mode is turned on, which in turn prevents unwanted battery drain. 

And therefore, if Sleep mode is enabled, then it might put your VPN service to sleep.

  • Location of the server

Sometimes location also plays a major part in the constant drop of VPN connection. For example; if you are living in America and if you are connected to your home location, then your VPN connection will be strong and stable.

But, if your connection is changed to Canada, it might show lags and disconnections. 

Therefore, if you are facing this problem, it is time to change your VPN service provider.

  • Check your VPN protocol

Sometimes the real culprit can be your VPN protocol, not your VPN location. For instance, if you are connected to an L2TP protocol, then try switching to PPTP protocol, to diagnose if your VPN connection is stable or not.

So, try changing your VPN Protocol for better VPN stability. 

  • Check your DNS settings

DNS, helps you translate your IP addresses to domain names so that you can connect to your desired websites, like Securityescape.com.

Though, DNS can be the reason, if your VPN disconnects very often. Therefore, try changing the DNS settings manually, to prevent your VPN connection from falling.

Note: Using custom DNS settings, can increase the data leaks which might turn into a nightmare. Therefore, I recommend tweaking your DNS manually, if you only have good knowledge about it.

  • Update your VPN software

If your VPN keeps disconnecting often, you may need to check the software version of your VPN app. If it is older, then I recommend updating it to the latest ones. 

If you are skeptical about it, then first try to connect the VPN on other devices, and if it works flawlessly on other devices, then just uninstall and install the app again.

  • Your internet speed might be slow

Very often it is not the VPN service that is at fault, but your internet connection. Therefore, try to disconnect the VPN and then again try to connect your device to the internet.

If the speed drops, then you need to upgrade or change your internet provider because slow speed can directly affect a VPN connection.

  • Inappropriate Router Configuration

Sometimes inappropriate router configuration can also cause your VPN to disconnect frequently. Therefore, it is essential to configure the router’s settings according to the VPN compatibility, to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Outdated VPN drivers

Yes, outdated VPN drivers can also cause frequent connection drops. An outdated TAP adapter of the VPN can sometimes create an unstable internet connection.

So, it is very essential to update the Outdated VPN drivers, by going to the settings menu on your Desktop > Network Adapters > Right-click on TAP adapter > Update.

  • Check if you have old VPN’s

If you have any old VPN app on your device, it can also cause your VPN to disconnect frequently.

It directly affects the new one by restricting it from creating a dual encrypted connection.

Therefore, if you have any old VPN on your device, uninstall it by simply going through the appropriate process.

Final Remarks on Why Does My VPN Keeps Disconnecting on my Laptop?

Using a VPN while surfing on the internet, can provide you with great benefits. VPN not only blocks hackers or threats but also provides fast internet connectivity and security. Although sometimes our VPN keeps disconnecting which can be annoying.

Thus, to conclude these were the top 12 reasons because of which the VPN keeps disconnecting on your laptop.