Why Should I Use a VPN (Is it worth using)?

Why should I use a VPN
Why should I use a VPN

A very frequent question asked by people is “Why should I use a VPN?” Why someone will target my personal data, I’m not a well-known person or celebrity?

I simply reply to them saying “The celebrities are well-known personalities that’s why they keep an extra layer of security but you don’t.” That’s why targeting your personal data is much easier than theirs.

I would like to put some factual figures related to Cyber-attacks, data breaches, and phone hacking of Individuals in front of you.

Number of Individual phone hacked and data breaches since 2005

Go through this report and you will come to know how actively hackers target individuals’ phones and computers to extract sensitive data.

Let’s discuss this in detail

Why Should I use a VPN?

You should use a VPN to keep your phone, computer, and other devices isolated from an open network. A VPN provides an extra strong layer of security to all of your Internet devices. It also helps to change your virtual location, unblock restricted contents, and security during financial transactions.

These five points will clarify all your doubts about why should you use a good VPN Service.

  • It blocks all the spam websites which are responsible for injecting malware in your device.
  • No one can spy on your online activities which mean your data remains invisible to outsiders.
  • Hackers will not be able to target your data because it remains encrypted.
  • Financial transactions remain ultra-safe as VPN offers a secured tunnel for online activities.
  • You can access any restricted contents from all over the world.

What VPN Means?

VPN is just a short form of Virtual Private Network. It is used to transmit data from source to destination in an encrypted form. The encrypted data can only be decrypted at the receiver end that’s why a VPN is considered a highly secured medium for online activities.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN?

There are many benefits of using a good VPN service.

  • Highly secured online activities because of, military-grade encryption of data.
  • An extra layer of security that protects your device being hacked or data expose.
  • Its unblocking capability provides you the access of banned contents.
  • A VPN also offers the feature of location switching virtually.
  • It keeps you anonymous because it provides an untraceable IP address.

Is VPN Really Necessary?

As the use of the Internet is increasing, cyber-attacks are also increasing. A VPN acts like a security shield that keeps your IP address hidden and also encrypts all transmitted data that’s why it is important to use a good VPN service.

The identity theft or data breach is just like a nightmare that’s why it is better to keep your data protected.

Most businesses recommend their employees to use VPN while working from home to avoid any type of data breach.

When should you not use a VPN?

You should not use a VPN in the following cases

  • If you are not surfing anything on Internet and your connection is off.
  • If the content is only available in your location
  • The services who don’t allow VPN to book their services like flight bookings, and Hotel bookings, you should turn off your VPN connection.

Is VPN Illegal?

A VPN is not illegal because it comes under “Right to privacy”. It becomes illegal if someone misuses this facility to perform some illegal online activities.

Which Free VPN is best?

We never recommend using any free VPN service because in most cases they sell their customer’s private information to advertising companies. They do this to extract the cost of the maintenance of their server.

But if you still want to use it then the best free VPN service according to our testing is iTop VPN.

Does VPN work on Home Wi Fi?

Yes, a VPN works on Home Wi-Fi very smoothly it just needs to be configured properly. Setting up VPN on home wi-fi provides security to the whole network and secures all your devices from external malicious attacks.

Should I Put a VPN on my Router?

It is not a must-have requirement because your router already has a password that can protect your devices and network from external attacks but you can configure a VPN on your router for an extra layer of security.

Which is the Best VPN for work From Home?

Express VPN is the best VPN to work from home because of its consistent network and speed. It is also a very credible VPN service in the VPN industry that’s why we always recommend using Express VPN for work from home.

Should I use VPN for Social Media?

Yes, you should use a premium VPN for social media because your profile may contain some personal information. You must use a credible VPN service to access any of your social media platforms.

What are the Pros and Cons of VPN?

Pros of using VPN

  • A VPN provides external security from cyber-attacks.
  • It hides your IP address which makes your device untraceable.
  • Your online activities can’t be monitored by third-party.
  • You can access any geo-restricted contents.
  • It switches your virtual location that makes you anonymous.

Cons of Using VPN

  • It costs some money to use a premium VPN service because free VPNs are not safe to use.
  • A few services don’t allow using VPN to book their service.
  • It may cause slow Internet speed.

How do I set up a VPN?

Setting up Express VPN is very easy and beginner-friendly. You only need to select the country of service and leave other settings on automatic mode.

It will automatically select the best and optimized server and you can enjoy using VPN.

Can a smart TV use a VPN?

Yes, a smart TV can use a VPN. You just need to configure the VPN properly on your router. You can connect multiple devices with Express VPN at a time.

Can you be tracked if you use a VPN?

Yes, you can be tracked even if you use a VPN but it is a very difficult process. A hacker can’t trace your location but governments can. It is only possible if your VPN provider agrees to provide them access.

Do I need a VPN on all my Devices?

When you subscribe to a VPN service, you can use the VPN on multiple devices. It is not important to use VPN on all of your devices but you can because they allow you.

How to use a VPN in Android?

Using Express VPN on your android phone is very easy. You just need to install the Express VPN app on your phone and log in through credentials.

Now you need to click the power button and select your country of service and leave other settings on automatic mode. It will automatically select the most optimized server and you are good to go.

How much does a VPN Cost?

There are a variety of VPNs available in the market but I’m telling you a few good VPN services where you can select from. You can check the price by clicking the link.

  • Express VPN (Highly Premium service)  (Recommended)
  • Nord VPN (Premium and Affordable)
  • SurfShark VPN (Best affordable VPN service)
  • iTop VPN (Free and Paid both)  (Free service not recommended)

How do I get a VPN for Netflix?

It requires a premium VPN service to watch Netflix without interruptions because Netflix often blocks free VPN services. The best VPN service to watch Netflix is Express VPN.

How do I get a VPN for Online Games?

Online Gaming is one of the most popular activities on the Internet. You can use Express VPN and Surfshark VPN to play any online game from any corner of the world.

A few popular online games are

Final Remarks

Now you may have got the answer to the question “Why should I use a VPN?” This article also covers different aspects of VPN.

A VPN adds an extra layer of security to your devices and networks which is very important nowadays.

We never recommend using free VPN services because they are not trustworthy.

You must use a premium and credible VPN service like Express VPN, if you are professional and transfer sensitive data over the internet.