Will Instagram block you if You unfollow too many People?

Will Instagram block you if you unfollow too many people
Will Instagram block you if you unfollow too many people

Instagram is a great social media platform to virtually market yourself out in the world. So, if you are a creator, an actor, a business entity, or even a simple person, Instagram is a perfect platform to showcase your talent, promote your business or even promote yourself. Although many Instagram users crave more audience in the form of followers, they randomly start following and unfollowing others to achieve their goals. But what if Instagram starts to recognize your foul play? Will Instagram block you if you unfollow too many people?

Well, this is the most searched query on the internet, and today, I will try to solve it in this article.

Also, I will be giving out some reasons for the same, along with some solutions.

So, let’s get you unblocked.

Will Instagram block you if you unfollow too many people?

Certainly YES! Instagram will block you if you unfollow too many people because doing so will alert the Instagram police about the breach of their terms and policies. Thus, causing a temporary or permanent ban of your account.

Although, there is nothing to worry about, if it is your first ban, and you are ready to behave yourself. 

But what is the reason behind this block? Read next!

What is the reason behind this block?

So, if you are wondering what could be the possible reason behind this Instagram block, then let me enlighten you.

Instagram as a social media platform has emerged successfully, in a few years, and has around 1 billion active users per month. Every day, many users post random videos and photos, and if given a number, more than 500 stories are uploaded per day.

Plus, many businesses also function on Instagram, whether it be small or large. Followers and following numbers are more crucial for any business entity, as it shows how well they are established. For instance, if a big business buys software that helps them in growing with the numbers, it automatically calls for partiality. 

Therefore, Instagram believes in the “equality” motto and tries to restrict heavy user activity to avoid any chaos. Also, it is strictly against spammers and bots, that can ruin the entire algorithm and user experience.

How does Instagram decide to impose the block?

Generally, there are a few factors according to which Instagram decides to impose the block, like;

  • Account’s activity:

This is the most important factor that decides the limit. So, if you want to gain the maximum advantage of Instagram, then start showing more activity from your account. The more active you are, the more perks you will get.

  • Age:

This is another factor that decides your block limit. The older your Instagram account, the more authority your account holds. Resulting in more activity and lesser ban.

  • The number of followers:

If you have a ton of followers while you are showing regular activity, then it is a great sign, as it lowers the chances of your account getting banned.

  • Account’s engagement:

This is also a vital metric to estimate the number of actions recorded on Instagram. More engagement will lead to more likes and followers. Thus, resulting in a lower risk of a shadowban.

Therefore, if you want to calculate the total engagement of your account you can simply do it by following this formula:

ER= No. of likes + No. of Comments ×100 / No. of followers.

What message will be displayed if you get blocked on Instagram for bulk unfollow?

So, if you unfollow some of your audiences in bulk, then the following message will pop up on your screen, “Action Blocked.”

What is the basic follow/unfollow limit on Instagram?

An old Instagram is permitted to unfollow 200 users/day from his/her account, while a fresh user is limited to 150 users/day. But, always remember to play this unfollow game slowly, because if you happen to go fast, Instagram will not wait for the said limit of 150 to 200 per day and will immediately block you. 

Thus, to protect your account from getting shadowbanned you should always start at a slow pace and then increase the number gradually to 200.

For example:

Start with 50 unfollow per day in week 1.

Then, gradually go up to 100 per day in the second week.

Now make it 150/day in the 3rd week, and finally 200/day in the 4th week.

Additionally, I recommend sending 5 to 10 follow requests per day to balance the equation.

How long should I wait between each unfollow?

So, if you want to unfollow 50 Instagram audiences per day, then it is recommended to take at least a gap of 35 to 50 seconds between each unfollow session. This will give Instagram a sense of assurance that you are a genuine human being and not a spammer or bot who is trying to bulk unfollow the users causing a breach of their terms and policy.

How long is the Instagram block?

What if you are blocked by Instagram? Don’t worry because Instagram usually implies a 24 to 48 hours of ban based on the severity of your action. For instance, if you were not that harmful to Instagram, it will lift the ban within 24 hours, but if the action was repetitively done after the warning, then you could even get 48 hours to a few weeks of a ban.

Although, if you think your ban was not severe and wasn’t lifted even after 24 hours of TAT, then simply report it to Instagram from the Help menu. They will surely look into the matter and provide you with a solution.

How to remove the Instagram block?

So, after a long discussion over how Instagram blocks you, if you unfollow too many people, we shall now see how to remove an Instagram block.

Instagram block can be removed using these methods:

  • Stop using Instagram:

Yes, you heard it right. Stop using Instagram straight for 24hrs to 48hrs, and this means no liking, no commenting, and no following/unfollowing. After that period, you can start using it again, but take it slowly-slowly.

  • Stop using third-party apps:

I know it is tempting to use a third-party app to get automated followers and likes, but it comes with its own drawback. Using a third-party app can land you into the problem and can permanently ban your account. So, stop using third-party apps and go fully organic.

  • Link your Instagram to other social media apps:

Linking your Instagram account, to other social media apps like; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., can help you gain authority. Thus, proving your ownership of the account.

  • Take a gap:

Yes, as mentioned earlier, take a gap of at least 35 to 50 minutes between each Instagram activity like unfollowing, to avoid a block.

  • Complete your profile:

The most important thing that every user should practice is completing your profile by feeding your data correctly, including; your correct email and phone number.

  • Report it to Instagram:

If these above-mentioned methods don’t help you in gaining back your account, then you should try reporting it to Instagram with a proper screenshot and description.

Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram:

Is follow/unfollow game filthy?

From a user point of view, I would say no, because unfollowing the old users and following the new users will not only help you control your Instagram feed but can also change the entire algorithm for you. But, if you are a business owner, and are into this follow/unfollow game, you can easily notice some algorithm drop, costing you customers.

Can Instagram notify you, if someone unfollowed you?

A big NO, Instagram has a strict user privacy policy, which does not allow even Instagram to notify you if someone unfollowed you. 

Although, you can try these 2 methods if you want to know who unfollowed you.

 #1. Go to your Instagram profile, and then select the follower’s list. Now, search the name using the search box. If you are unable to find them, then probably they have unfollowed you.

#2. In this method, you can use third-party apps that will notify you about the followers and unfollowers in real-time.

Note: Using any third-party app will make Instagram more active on checking up on you, and can also result in a permanent ban.

How can you tell if someone saved my Instagram post?

So, if you want to get information on how to get notified when someone saves your Instagram post, just follow this link.

Final Remarks on “Will Instagram block you if you unfollow too many people

Instagram has not only gained popularity over the past few years due to its easy interface but also because it helps in gaining financial rewards. But sometimes a user can start to unfollow certain users from their list to either revamp their Instagram wall or due to some personal reasons. 

Therefore, it is very crucial to initiate the unfollowing process with ease, to avoid any kind of Instagram block on your account.