Can You Get a Virus From SideQuest? [All You Need to Know]

SideQuest has emerged as a popular virtual reality gaming platform. The alternative app store is used for sideloading unofficial VR apps and games onto your Oculus Quest. 

While it offers a range of benefits, you’ll need to be aware of the potential risks. So, can you get a virus from SideQuest?

In this article, we’ll delve into all the threats and ways to protect your VR devices and personal data. Let’s go!


Can you get a virus from SideQuest?

Yes, you can get a virus from using SideQuest. 

The good news? The risk is relatively low. 

SideQuest is a legitimate tool to sideload apps and games onto your Oculus Quest headset. However, there’s always the possibility of installing malware, pirated media, or other types of malicious content. 

Ultimately, it’s about relying on trusted sources and avoiding questionable files. 

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What are the potential threats?

Here are some of the most common dangers when using SideQuest:

Viruses and malware

Malware is the biggest threat to look out for. This type of software can damage your device or steal your personal information.

While there are many forms of malware, viruses are the most infamous ones. They can replicate and spread, causing even more damage to your files and programs.

Pirated content 

You could also install pirated media from SideQuest. This content is technically illegal and can contain viruses or other malware. It also isn’t officially supported, so you have no recourse if something goes wrong.

Damage your Oculus

Sideloading can be a complicated process that could damage your device. If you make a mistake, there’s no telling what glitches may occur. Likewise, unofficial content might be poorly coded and cause all sorts of errors.

Voiding the warranty

Sideloading apps with SideQuest involves bypassing the official channels and potentially modifying the operating system of your VR device. This can void the manufacturer’s warranty. It may also increase the risk of accidental damage to the device.

Stability and compatibility issues

Apps available on SideQuest may not undergo the same level of testing as those found on official app stores. Consequently, there’s a higher likelihood of encountering stability issues, compatibility problems, or bugs. That’s why you should thoroughly research and assess user feedback before installing anything.

How to stay safe on SideQuest?

Here are some simple security recommendations for SideQuest:

  • Research and verify apps — You should always do your research first and verify an app’s reputation. Check out user reviews, ratings, and comments to gauge its reliability.
  • Stick to trusted developers — Also, seek out apps with positive feedback to reduce the risk of downloading malware.
  • Read app details — Before installing an app, carefully review the permissions it requests. Be cautious if it requires excessive or unnecessary permissions. 
  • Use antivirus software — Consider installing reputable antivirus or firewall software on your Oculus. These programs can help detect and block potential threats, including malicious files you may inadvertently download via SideQuest. 
  • Keep your antivirus updated — Regular updates and security patches ensure it can effectively identify and mitigate emerging threats.
  • Only enable developer mode when necessary — To sideload apps with SideQuest, you’ll need to enable developer mode on your VR device. You should disable it when you don’t need it to minimize potential vulnerabilities.

Is it legal to use SideQuest?

Yes, it’s legal to use SideQuest. Still, sideloading has generally been frowned upon in the mobile world because it involves unofficial sources. 

While sideloading can be used to install pirated content, SideQuest doesn’t host such media itself. Instead, it works as a platform for developers to share their own apps and games with the community.

Meta, the company that owns Oculus, has stated it doesn’t officially endorse the use of SideQuest. Still, it also doesn’t prohibit it in any way. Additionally, Meta has stated that using SideQuest won’t void your warranty for your Oculus Quest headset.

Overall, SideQuest is a safe and legal way to sideload apps and games onto your Oculus. 

However, there’s always the possibility of installing malware or pirated content, which could have legal repercussions.


So, you were wondering, can you get a virus from SideQuest? Now you know it’s entirely possible, although not likely. 

The biggest dangers are malware and pirated content. However, if you exercise caution, prioritize reputable sources, and use an antivirus, the risk is relatively low.