How to open the Calculator Vault App without a Password?

how to open the calculator vault app without a password
How to Open the Calculator vault app without a password

Passwords are one of the most crucial elements to protect your digital belongings like videos, images, documents, and apps on your smartphone or PC. You can hide or protect anything from the eyes of intruders by locking your data with the help of passwords. Moreover, there are also some apps like, “Calculator Vault” that for sure look like a normal calculator app, but with a password combination, it can open up the gate to a secret digital vault that can store all your secrets. Nevertheless, sometimes people tend to forget their vault password, which leads them to initiate desperate password attempts. So, if you are stuck in a similar situation, then don’t worry and follow this guide on how to open the calculator vault app without a password.

How to open the calculator vault app without a password?

Unfortunately, you cannot access the hidden vault of the calculator vault app without fetching a password. 

However, you can try resetting the password by following these two simple methods.

  1. Enter a special code to enter password recovery mode.
  2.  Clear app data & cache.

Enter a special code to enter password recovery mode:

The first workaround that you can try to fix this problem is by entering a special code in the app, i.e., the calculator itself, to access the password recovery screen.

However, this method will only work successfully, if you have registered your email id or set up a secret answer.

So, if you are confident that you have entered one of the mentioned details while you had access to the calculator vault, then you can follow this short tutorial.

  • Open up the Calculator Vault app.
Calculator Vault App Interface
Open the Calculator Vault app to access without password
  • Now, enter the recovery pin followed by the “=” sign using the calculator keys. For instance, “11223344=” will work for most of the Calculator Vault apps, but if you are using the Calculator+ app, then enter “238954285=.
Enter Recovery Password
Enter the recovery password to access Calculator Vault app
  • You will now enter the recovery screen of the app.
  • Next, you can either type in your secret answer and press the “Confirm” button, or tap on the “Retrieve password by email” option.
  • If you are opting for the email recovery option, then you need to hit on that “Send” button to receive a “Verification Code” or your “Forgotten Password” on your registered e-mail address.
  • Now, access your email inbox to get the “Verification Code” or “Forgotten Password.” If you cannot see any code or password in the primary section of your inbox, then do check the “Spam” folder.
  • After that, just copy your verification code or password on the clipboard, and then paste it inside the box provided by the Calculator app.
  • Then, hit the “Confirm” button.
  • You will now be notified to enter your 4-digit new password. So, enter it and then press the “=” button.
  • The password for your Calculator Vault app has been reset. Now you can enter the new password inside the app and access your hidden content.

Clear app data & cache:

Now, if you were not able to answer the secret question, or your email id was incorrect, then you can try clearing up the app data and cache. By clearing data & cache you restore the whole app to its original state. This means, the app will not ask you to enter the password, but to create a new password. 

However, this method is a little bit unpredictable, because some vault apps can clear up your entire data, including your hidden files and apps. So, use this method at your own risk.

  • First of all, we need to navigate to the app settings. So, go to the settings menu on your Android device.
  • Now, tap on the “Apps” section.
  • You will see a list of apps.
  • Next, scroll down to find the “Calculator Vault” app.
  • Tap to open it.
  • Then, tap on “Storage & Cache.”
  • Finally, tap on “Clear data” & “Clear Cache.”
  • Your Calculator Vault app has been restored to its default settings. So, you can now try adding a new password and access your hidden files if they are still available.

Apps that are similar to Calculator Vault app.

When it comes to hiding photos, videos, documents, and apps, Calculator Vault is one of the most used apps by users.

But did you know there are a few other apps like Calculator Vault app that can help you hide your stuff from the main gallery or file manager?

Well, here is a list of such secretive apps;

  • HideU by Smart Ultis Dev Team.
  • Calculator by
  • Calculator by App Store.
  • Calculator Lock by PDF Reader & PDF Scanner – Snap photo editor.
  • Calculator Lock Hide App Photo by Maxim Vasilkos.

Can Calculator Vault app be malware?

There is no doubt that the Calculator type of secretive vault app can be your perfect wingman when it comes to protecting and hiding it from uninvited intruders, like your friends and family member who have a really bad habit of snooping inside your photo gallery or file manager.

However, you must be aware while downloading such apps for your device, because who knows there can be malware camouflaged in the form of Vault Calculator, just like in this case a secret vault camouflaged as a Calculator. Even, some hackers can demand ransom for it.

So, to be on the safer side, just download such apps from the official Google Play Store or App Store. Don’t go Googling things up and downloading such apps from random sites.

Secondly, always check on the ratings, reviews, description, and of course the required permissions section to make sure that it does what it says, and doesn’t steal your data or private information. 

And last but not least do not store any kind of data, that can sabotage your reputation because these apps are not always full proof and can be broken easily if someone is a pro.

Is there any alternative to hiding files and folders without an app?

There are certainly two ways that can be used to hide your secretive file and folders without using a secret vault app, and to be brutally honest, these two methods have been on the checklist for ages.

So, what are they?

Well, the first one is putting a “period sign (.)” before the file or folder name, and the second one is to change the extension of the file.

For instance; there is a photo named roadrunner in “.jpg” format. So, if you want to use the first method, then long tap on the photo, tap on rename option, and then place a “period sign (.)” before that file’s name, i.e., “. roadrunner.jpg.

While on the other side, if you want to use the second method, then again long tap on the photo, tap rename, and then change the “.jpg” to some random file extension that cannot be accessed by any app, say “.abed” or “.pdf.”

Now, if you want to access that particular file again, then just type in the name or the extension inside the search bar of the file explorer, tap and hold the file, tap on rename, and finally restore its extension to its original one.

How to spot a Calculator Vault app if you are a parent?

With everything turning online and teens spending more and more time on their phones, they have successfully adopted the tech culture and have started posting inappropriate pictures of themselves online. Not only this, they don’t even hesitate to share their nudes with each other via WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other platform while sexting. Thus, raising a big concern for the parents.

So how do you spot whether your child has a calculator vault app or not?

Don’t worry and look out for these three quick indications.

  1. Your child has two calculator apps on his/her phone.
  2. Your child’s app store search history involves search queries like; vault, photo hider, or app hider.
  3. The calculator app data is larger than usual. Mostly, normal calculator apps occupy an internal space of less than 150kb.

Now, if you find out that they have installed such apps, then the first thing that you should initiate is a man-to-man conversation with your child. 

Yes, you would be furious, and bursting out on your child will be your first reaction, but don’t forget the more you press a spring the more it bounces back.

Secondly and most importantly educate your child about how these actions can land them into a severe problem. Explain to them how one wrong move can ruin their entire life, and believe it or not hackers are in search of such opportunities to exploit the victim. 

And thirdly, you can block some search queries and apps by installing a firewall on their devices. You can also lock up the App Store or Google Play Store with the app locking feature.

Final Remarks on “How to open the calculator vault app without a password?”

Hiding your personal digital stuff can be a challenging task if you don’t have enough resources and knowledge. But, with the apps like Vault Calculator, it has become extremely easy to hide them.

Although, if you are someone who has lost access to your vault because of a forgotten password, then don’t worry, and give this guide a try.