Security for Internet of Things

What does it cost?

Cost of an IoT product audit is highly variable based on architecture complexity, functionalities and size. For an average IoT product system, a general figure can be anywhere between $10,000 - $20,000 range.

How long does it take?

A typical IoT product’s security audit takes around 8 to 10 weeks. However, this figure may vary based on the architecture and functionalities featured by the device.

What exactly do I get?

Detailed security assessment of your IoT product or solution along with actionable insights to identify potential risks and security vulnerabilities, prioritize discovered issues, and mitigation action-plan to apply effective solutions across your product’s ecosystem.

IoT Security? We’ve Got You Covered!

Connectivity is the modern solution to majority of challenges. Organizations that realize the potential of connectivity have solved complex challenges throughout the world, by continuing to make everyday things smarter. In rapidly evolving world of connected devices, there is an unsurprisingly growing opportunity for security threats posed by malicious architects. These threats pose substantial amount of risk than they did in virtual environments and apparently require distinct solutions to combat them, which defines our existence into IoT security.

With SecurityEscape, your IoT device is not just audited but is analyzed from scratch, studied end-to-end for the objective It exists and level-by-level assessed to imply adequate protections, for limiting attack-window in any given scenario.

Threat Modelling

Sophistication of IoT devices and networks requires comprehensive threat models, to map critical risks and ensure that you focus only on potential intrusion points. We create a security posture of your IoT product lifecycle to identify and eliminate critical risk issues.

Hardware Security Auditing

Defense in depth is inefficacious without auditing IoT device from scratch. We closely examine device’s external and internal hardware architecture, all internal components to understand device functionality and possible attack surface.

Industrial Standards

SecurityEscape develops comprehensive device-specific security test cases, comprising both OWASP IoT Security Project and internal strategic assessment of device’s traffic, components, firmware and complete hardware.

Protocol Analysis

SecurityEscape conducts intensive data transmission analysis from and to the device. Auditing communication protocols requires close assessment of request manipulation, response examination, protocol fuzzing and data transmission.