How to Completely Secure my Computer and Android Phone from Hackers

Complete Security of Computers and Android Phones from Hackers and Malware
Complete Security of Computers and Android Phones

It is not rocket science to keep the computer and android phones secure from hackers. It requires awareness about cyber-crime and the help of technology to completely secure your computer and Android Phone from hackers.

Cyber security is becoming a major challenge in front of everyone using the internet. But most of us never take it seriously because of unawareness. There are a lot of people around us who have faced the brutality of cyber-attacks and data theft.

In fact, just by following a few simple steps, you can avoid even advanced cyber-attacks and Data Breaches.

Let’s walk through the 3 simple steps to completely secure your computer and android devices from hackers.


Complete Security of Computers and Android Phones from Hackers

Awareness is the key to security from cyber threats. Everyone should have proper knowledge about the unbounded reach of cyber threats and crimes.

The increasing number of targeted cyber-attacks and data theft through sophisticated technologies are a matter of concern.

That’s why it is important to educate our society about Cyber-crimes, their consequences, and Security techniques.

In short, to completely secure your computer and Android Phone from Hackers it is important to understand all the aspects of cyber-security and implement them to ensure external and internal security of internet devices and networks.

But cyber security can’t be ensured without taking appropriate steps. The effective steps to counter cyber-attacks and data breaches are given below.

  • Awareness about Cyber-crime and its Consequences
  • Ensure External Security of Computers and Android Devices
  • Ensure Internal Security of Computers and Android Devices

Awareness about Cyber-crime and its Consequences

The need of the hour is to spread awareness about cyber threats, cyber-crimes, consequences, and Impacts in our society, Workplaces, Organizations, Education centers, and Businesses.

Awareness is the only tool that can control the criticality of Cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Cyber-attacks are part of Fifth Generation warfare which has the capability to destroy the economy of a whole country.

The hackers mostly target the computers and Android phones of new internet users who expose their sensitive data due to a lack of awareness.

Using the Internet and devices consciously can avoid major troubles.

Basic Awareness Points about Cyber Crime and Security

  • Knowledge of all the forms of Cyber-crime
  • Use Social Media carefully
  • Never Click Spam Links
  • Avoid using Public Wi-Fi Connections
  • Do not Root your Android Device
  • Never Access Insecure Websites (Without HTTPS)
  • Provide Your Sensitive Information on Authorized websites only
  • Never Open/ Download any files through suspicious emails/ messages
  • Download Software/ Apps from legitimate sites only
  • Change your passwords on the regular basis
  • Use Latest Technologies and software to protect your devices
  • Inform Cyber-cell in case of data breach/ theft.

Ensure External Security

External security means the security of incoming and outgoing data and cyber-attacks.

Your online activities can be monitored by hackers, Law Enforcement Agencies, and ISPs if it is not protected.

The unprotected data from your Computer and Android Phone can be breached/ theft easily by hackers and Government agencies.

Now the hackers have the capability to launch cyber-attacks and completely control your computers and Android phones using advanced technologies (Like Pegasus).

The question is how to secure computers and Android phones from such advanced hackers?

How to Secure Computer and Android Phone from hackers

To secure a computer and Android phone from hackers an Internet user should use a Good VPN Service and Firewall during online activities.

A Good VPN Service Like Express VPN encrypts all the incoming and outgoing traffic using 256-bit military-Grade encryption.

It also provides a secure path “called Virtual Tunnel” to send and receive the data.

The VPN hides the original IP address of the user and has the capability to switch the virtual location.

These features of a VPN provide complete anonymity to the user and the hacker can’t trace, track, and monitor the online activities of the user.

A Firewall also adds a layer of security to the user’s computer, android, and network.

It has the capability to block unauthorized requests. The only setback of the firewall is, it can be bypassed by advanced hackers.

Ensure Internal Security

The Internal security of a computer and Android phone refers to the security at the software and operating system level.

Virus, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, and Trojans always attack the software and operating systems of a device.

They exploit the vulnerabilities of a software/ Operating System.

They have the capability to copy themselves and transfer from one device to another. Their basic task is to damage the operating system of the device and breach the data.

For Example, Pegasus is a spyware that has the capability to control the host device and breach the data.

WannaCry is ransomware that has the capability to encrypt the whole data of a device.

How to Secure Computer and Android Phone from Virus

To secure a computer from viruses, spyware, ransomware, malware, and Trojan the device user should install a high-quality antivirus.

An android device doesn’t require any external antivirus software because it is an in-built feature of android.

A computer user must update the antivirus software on the regular basis.

The best antiviruses in the market are Avast Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus.

A computer and Android user should also avoid attaching external storage devices through data cables.

Conclusion (Complete Cyber-Security of Computers and Android Phones)

By following all the instructions mentioned above you can completely secure your Computer and Android Phone from Hackers and Viruses.

The crux of the article is “Awareness is the key tool to secure your data and devices from Cyber-crime.”

A cyber-criminal is not bound to the laws and geo boundaries which makes cyber-crime investigation challenging.

There are no solid laws about Cyber-crime in any countries that’s why it is our responsibility to keep our data and devices completely secure from hackers and critical cyber-attacks.

Use High-Quality VPN services and Firewall to ensure the external security of computers and Android phones.

And use the Best Paid Antivirus to protect the internal security of data and devices.

What do you think about other security measures?