How to Schedule Avast Free Scan (Step by Step)

How to Schedule Avast Free Scan
How to Schedule Avast Free Scan

Using antivirus software like Avast comes with great benefits. It not only scans for potential viruses and threats and removes them, but also allows its users to schedule a free scan, but how to schedule Avast free scan?

It is quite simple and to give you a clear idea about the process, I am jotting down a step-by-step process that will help you to schedule Avast free scans in no time.

The regular scan of your system is essential for the protection of your confidential data.

So, without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the discussion.

How to schedule Avast free scan?

Avast provides its users to schedule free scans so that your system stays virus and threat-free. Therefore, to schedule Avast free scan, open the Avast app and then follow these simple steps:

Steps to Schedule:

  1. Go to the System tray.

  2. Now, click on the Avast icon to run the program.

  3. You will see three options on the left-hand side: Status, Protection and Privacy.

  4. Select Protection option.

  5. Now, select Virus Scan.

  6. Select Custom Scan.

  7. Inside the custom scan menu, click on Create a New Scan button.

  8. Now, name the scan profile as per your convenience, to bifurcate it easily.

  9. On the Frequency Menu, select Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly accordingly.

  10. After that, select the exact date or time according to the frequency selection. For example, I will select Weekly and time as 14:00 hours

  11. Now, go to the Advanced Settings and select the appropriate options. You can also change the Scanning Sensitivity.

  12. Finally, select Back to save the new scan profile.

Now, your Avast will schedule a free scan as per the scheduled date and time.

Final Remarks:

It is very essential to use antivirus software to keep your PC running smoothly, and keep it away from various threats and viruses. And therefore, Avast antivirus is a perfect antivirus software app for anyone, who is looking for an automatic virus scan, without worrying about it anymore.

Thus, these were my how-to schedule Avast free scan, step-by-step tutorial, which will help you to schedule your Avast free scan in no time.