What Websites cause Viruses (Highly Dangerous Websites)

What websites cause viruses
What websites cause viruses

We surf multiple websites on day to day life belonging to different categories like Education, Entertainment, professional, and restricted but we often remain unaware of “What websites cause viruses?” and this unawareness may cost a huge price.

In this article, we are going to discuss the websites which are the source of viruses and the impact of viruses on our devices and data.

People who are unaware of computer viruses, malware, spyware, and Adware, They are definitely putting their data at risk while surfing on the internet.

This article is going to be very informative and interesting as well. I have covered our targeted question in detail in this article.

Let’s dive in

What websites cause Viruses?

Illegitimate websites that violate Google and Government policies and have prohibited contents may cause viruses because these websites have no income source other than spam. They show some attractive offers and trap users clicking the link which may cause the injection of viruses.

Have you ever visited any movie downloading websites? If yes, then you definitely have seen some random ads popping up on your screen.

It is highly recommended to avoid clicking those ads because they may cause virus injection into your device.

Well, if you think the viruses are only limited to clicking the ads then you should read the next line.

There are a few highly dangerous websites on the internet that can expose your data just by visiting those websites.

Name and Categories of websites that can cause Viruses

Security Escape recommends you go through the whole list and be aware of these websites while surfing on the Internet.

  • Movies Downloading Websites
  • Adult Content Websites
  • Free Software Downloading Websites
  • Free APK file Downloading Websites
  • Free Songs Downloading Websites
  • Illegitimate virus scan websites
  • Info websites about prohibited activities

It is always recommended to check the credibility of websites before surfing or using them.

Movies and software downloading websites are some of the most used websites on the Internet but they can be very dangerous if your device is not protected.

How to save my Data from Websites causing viruses?

Awareness and use of technology are the two most effective factors that can extensively help you protect your data from spam and illegitimate websites.

It is a bit tricky to identify an illegitimate website but you can easily differentiate them just by following the steps given below.

  • Always check for an active SSL certificate i.e. Do not visit a website that doesn’t have “Sign of Lock or HTTPS before the website’s URL”. This is called an SSL certificate. Do not visit the website having HTTP because it is not considered a secure website for a visitor.
  • Avoid using illegitimate downloading and Adult Content websites as they may inject highly dangerous viruses into your device.
  • Do not download any software from unauthorized and untrusted websites. Download the software from trusted sources only.
  • Do not scan your device from unknown websites, ensure the trustworthiness of the website before using it.
  • Use Premium VPNs, Antivirus software, and Adblockers before surfing any illegitimate website.
  • Avoid downloading APK files from unknown or untrusted websites.

How can a Virus affect my Device?

A virus can heavily damage your device by slowing down its processing speed, decreasing battery life, increasing the heating effect, and damaging different components.

The basic mechanism of a virus depends on its ultimate goal but they start working by infecting existing files.

They spread their effect throughout the device and create multiple files of existing data.

After that, they start affecting the processor of the device and decrease its performance.

The heating effect and decreased battery lifetime are the signs of the presence of viruses in the device.

Final Remarks

I hope now you have a proper understanding of “What Websites cause viruses?” and their symptoms and safety methods.

Google remains careful about these illegitimate websites and it takes them down as soon as it comes to know about them.

Google’s algorithm is becoming more powerful and sensitive, they immediately deindex the URLs involved in spam activities.

As I discussed earlier, Awareness and the use of technology (like premium VPNs, Antiviruses, and Adblockers) can protect your device and data.

But it is our responsibility too to stay aware of these websites and keep our data safe.