How to Unblock Zoom on a Chromebook (Complete Step by Step Guide)

how to unblock Zoom on a Chromebook
How to unblock Zoom on a Chromebook

Zoom became everyone’s go-to video conferencing app after the whole world was forced to stay at home due to the 2019 odd situation. In fact, everyone, whether it be a business, educational institute, or a group of people, started to interact with each other on Zoom. And to be really honest, Zoom was available on each and every OS platform, until last year i.e., 2021 when Google decided to shut down all the Chrome apps for Chromebook and replace them with other alternatives like Progressive Web Apps (PWA). So, being a Chromebook user, I started to research how to unblock Zoom on a Chromebook, and guess what, I got some incredible alternatives that helped me get back to my office meetings on Zoom.

Wanna know what were the alternatives?

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How to Unblock Zoom on a Chromebook?

To unblock Zoom on a Chromebook, then, you should add the PWA Zoom extension on your Chrome browser or install it from Google Play Store. Now, installing Zoom from the Google Play store is damn easy, just search for Zoom for Chrome – PWA, or just click here. But if you want to get a step-by-step insight on how to add a PWA Zoom extension on your Chromebook, then just follow these simple steps.

Adding PWA Zoom extension on a Chromebook:

To add Zoom extension on your Chromebook using Chrome browser, just;

  • Open your “Chrome web browser.”
  • Now open the “Chrome web store.”
  • Then, search for “Zoom.”
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” option.
  • After that, click on “Add extension”, when prompted.
  • You will now see the “Zoom” icon in the Chrome toolbar.
  • Click on the icon to open the Zoom app.
  • Finally, sign in using your Zoom credentials and then start using Zoom on your Chromebook in the same manner, as you would on any other platform.

How to get easy access to Zoom on Chromebook?

You can easily launch the Zoom app either by using the Chrome toolbar or by pinning the launcher to the Shelf.

So, if you want to pin the Zoom app to the ChromeOS shelf to get an authentic desktop experience, you can easily do it by;

  • Opening the Zoom app “Chrome toolbar” or “Desktop Menu.”
  • After that, right-click on the “Zoom” icon displayed on the shelf.
  • Then, click on “Pin” from the pop-up menu.

Frequently Asked Questions on Zoom.

How to join a Zoom meeting on a Chromebook?

So, if you want to join a Zoom meeting on a Chromebook, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the “Zoom Chrome app” from your app drawer. 
  • Now, select the “Join Meeting tab.”
  • After that, enter the “Meeting ID” provided by the host.
  • Type your name in the given box.
  • Finally, click on “Join” to enter the meeting.

Can I block audio and video before joining a Zoom meeting?

Yes, you can block audio and video before joining a Zoom meeting, by ticking the “Don’t Connect to Audio”, and “Turn off my video option” respectively.

How to host a Zoom meeting on a Chromebook?

Are you the CEO of a company and want your colleagues to join you in an official Zoom meeting?

If yes, then just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the “Zoom Chrome app.”
  • Select the “Sign-In” option, and sign-in using your Zoom credentials.
  • You will now be given two options: “Start with Video”, and “Start without Video.”
  • Select the one convenient for you.
  • You will be given a meeting ID, just share it with your colleagues so that they can join you.
  • Done. You have successfully hosted a meeting.

Note: There is an option called “Use My Personal Meeting ID”, which will be helpful in a situation where you can host meetings regularly with the same set of people.

How to invite contacts to join a Zoom meeting?

To invite contacts to join a Zoom meeting, simply:

  • Open the “Zoom Chrome” app.
  • Click on the “Contacts tab” to view and manage contacts.
  • You can see a directory of contacts on left, also you can search for contacts by typing their name, inside the “Search Contact” bar.
  • Finally, click on the contact’s name that you want to invite and start a meeting with them.

How to schedule Zoom meetings?

You can schedule Zoom meetings by using the following methods:

  • From the Zoom app.
  • From the Zoom Web Portal.
  • Using a browser plugin.

Now, if you download the “Zoom Scheduler” plugin and install it as a Chrome extension, you can easily schedule meetings straight from the Google Calendar by following these steps:

  • Open the “Google Calendar.”
  • Create a “new calendar event.”
  • Open the “Additional” options for the event.
  • For new calendar event click on “More options” or else click on the “Edit” icon for the existing calendar.
  • Now, click on the “Make it a Zoom Meeting” option, and then click on “Save.”
  • Done, you have scheduled a Zoom meeting using Google Calendar.

Can I mute a meeting on Zoom?

To mute a meeting on Zoom just locate the “Mute” option (one that looks like Microphone), and then click on it.

Follow the same process to “Unmute” a Zoom meeting.

Final Remarks on “how to unblock Zoom on a Chromebook?”

While Chromebook is a great and convenient gadget for everyone who wants to professionalize their life, apps like Zoom have also gained much popularity during the pandemic.

Although, due to the new Google update the Chrome apps are now being replaced with PWA’s to provide a better and fast user experience. And therefore, I recommend using the above-mentioned methods to unblock Zoom on a Chromebook.