Can I Get a Virus on PS4? Here’s the Truth!

Most gamers view their PS4 as more than just a console. If that’s the case with you, the last thing you want is to infect it with malware accidentally. So, can you get a virus on PS4?

We’ll explain how you can get infected and how to keep your device safe from harm. Let’s jump right in!


Can you get a virus on PS4?

Yes, you can get a virus on PS4, but it’s less likely than infecting your computer. Hackers generally spend less time developing malware for consoles.

Still, PS4 runs on code, meaning that creating a virus for it is entirely possible. In fact, that is the case with any device that runs on it.

For example, Xbox One is often falsely deemed unhackable. It all depends on how much time and effort someone invests into creating something that can infect it.

The viruses that affect consoles aren’t the same ones you can download on your PC from the internet, though. Consoles are closed platforms and require unique malware created specifically for them.

But if your PS4 is jailbroken, the chances of infecting it are much higher. You won’t be protected by Sony’s default security measures.

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Console malware also transfers differently. For example, you can download a virus on your PC just by visiting a website. On PS4, it may take more than that.

What are potential threats?

Here are some of the most common threats that may target PS4 users:

Infected servers

Since you don’t browse the web using your PS4, you can’t download a virus like on a PC. Instead, you may endanger your console simply by playing video games.

Some servers already contain viruses that you can download just by playing on them. Once you connect to them, the infected file will automatically find its way into your system.

When it spreads to your PS4, the virus can do what it was made for. It may slow down your console, block it entirely, and even steal sensitive information.

Gamers often input information such as names and credit card numbers, which is exactly what many hackers are after.

Malicious games

Another way you can infect your PS4 is by accidentally downloading a harmful game. It’s the perfect opportunity for hackers to sneak in infected files.

This also requires no manual action other than initiating the download process. Once the file is on your console, it’ll start spreading and completing its mission.

Sony developers had this in mind when creating the system, which is why there are no viruses in official releases. However, they can’t keep track of pirated game versions and other illegal downloads.

Infected devices

When you stick a USB flash drive into your PC, it could transfer malicious files. The same goes for your PS4.

However, the chances of that happening aren’t that high. This is because not every virus can infect your console — only those specifically designed for PS4. If your flash drive has that kind of malware, you’re in trouble.

How to stay safe?

In most cases, you can rely on the console’s own protection system to stay safe from PS4 malware. Since it’s relatively rare, that should be more than enough to protect you. So, you should refrain from jailbreaking and modding your device.

Another thing you can do is be extra careful if downloading and playing illegal versions of games. Try to steer clear of them as much as possible, and only get games from official sources.

Additionally, avoid suspicious websites because you may get a virus from your PS4 web browser.


So, you were wondering — can I get a virus on PS4?

Now you know that although it’s possible, it happens very rarely. There aren’t that many viruses designed for PS4, and computer malware isn’t effective.

This means you can generally use your console without worrying too much about it. Just be careful with illegal copies. Good luck!